Easy troubleshooting, if dryer gets hot but not drying clothes

Almost every week, any housewife takes out ready-made things from her washing machine and loads them into the dryer. But sometimes it also happens that after a while she discovers with unpleasant surprise that all her clothes are completely wet. The dissatisfaction will be all the more intense if her plans included large-scale work with several batches of linen.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out the true reasons why this unit heats up, but does not dry things or takes too long for this.

This usually happens due to:

  • failure of the cyclic thermostat;
  • blockage of the outlet;
  • obstruction of the lint trap;
  • breakage of the heating mechanism.

dryer repair

Some of these problems are solved quite easily without spending a lot of nerve, effort and money. Therefore, if there is a difficulty with drying clothes after washing, it is worth knowing the four main reasons for what is happening and the main ways to deal with them.

The most common causes of dryer heating with excessively long cycle times

It is necessary to consider in more detail the main factors that disrupt the functioning of the unit.

Lint trap obstruction

Most of these household appliances work in a similar way, using heated air to process the laundry inside the drum. He spins and clothes turn over with him. This process contributes to the best circulation of heat flows in the mechanism, contributing to better drying of things.

When washed, the material from which they are sewn relaxes. As a result, fabric fibers penetrate into the water and settle on clothing. When it turns over and gradually dries, the threads remain hanging in the air.

Lint trap obstruction

This situation leads to an increased risk of fire hazard, so manufacturing companies include a special lint trap in the design of dryers. It is equipped with a removable screen, which captures a large amount of fibers freely located in the drum with each load.

In order not to worry about the health of your machine, you need to regularly monitor the condition of the grid of this structural element before loading the laundry and after the end of the process. If there are piles or threads inside it, then you should immediately clean them and re-insert the screen into the trap. It is also required to examine the space inside it and for the presence of accidental pollution, which may subsequently end up there.

Clogged or broken vent

To fully dry the laundry in the dryer drum, heated air is used, which is the main factor in the success of the process. It must fully circulate inside, partially moving outward. If a failure occurs, the operating time of the unit will be extended.

Clogged or broken vent

There are a number of reasons why this situation can occur, so it is worth knowing about each of them and how to solve it.

  1. It is necessary to constantly monitor the presence of obstructions in the vent that removes air from the room.
  2. Be sure that the small valve functions freely, opening and closing easily.
  3. You should also regularly check the condition of the air ducts leading from the appliance to the vent in the wall.

If a malfunction of the operation of any structural element is detected, for example, a violation of the integrity of its part or the appearance of holes, then it is urgent to replace the damaged segment with a new one.

Any problem with the vent damper should be dealt with as a matter of urgency to avoid more complex defects.

Breakage of the heating element with two zones

Clothes dry in the dryer thanks to the rotation process. It is carried out when the drum is spinning. Inside it there are special ribs that allow you to move the linen during the passage of the full cycle of work.

Another component of this process involves the treatment of things with hot air jets, which heat them up and help speed up drying.

Breakage of the heating element with two zones

The main element of the functioning of the mechanism pursues the goal of supplying heat to the machine with its uniform distribution throughout the entire time of its operation. But in the case when there is a break when the air is heated, the period required for the complete drying of the laundry is lengthened.

This part is used only for two components with two zones or a pair of coils responsible for higher and lower temperatures. Some of the modified modern models of LG and Samsung companies have this type of design. The principle of operation of other dryers is based on the use of a single spiral.

If there is any suspicion of a malfunction of the heater, it is worth checking the continuity of its operation with a multimeter. If a breakdown is found, it is necessary to carry out urgent repairs with the replacement of the part.

But first you need to make sure that the machine is disconnected from the mains. Only then is it allowed to open its back panel. Then you need to unscrew the fasteners of the heater and disconnect it from the power supply.

After that, you should install a new part, connect the unit and carry out a test load to check the usefulness of its functioning.

Thermostat failure

The main part of the working elements that create the full heating of the dryer is equipped with a thermostat. It is designed to regulate the temperature and level of heat generated or used by the machine.

Thermostat failure

Most modern models have a number of similar elements that allow you to set the appropriate air heating for the operation of the dryer.

When repairing yourself, you must disconnect the unit from the mains, open its rear panel and find the indicated part inside. Then you need to check the operation of each thermostat in order to clearly understand which one is out of order. After replacing and connecting it, be sure to carry out a trial drying of things.

For any type of drum, the first priority is to maintain a constant amount of heat in the interior of the drum for optimal processing of the laundry. Therefore, usually all thermostats do not fail at once. But in the event that the machine has no other damage, the problem most likely lies in the violation of the normal operation of this structural element.

To repair it, you must contact the manufacturer to obtain a working thermostat for replacement.