Hitachi washer error code

Hitachi washer error code

Despite being long-lasting and reliable, Hitachi washing machines are also prone to malfunctioning and breaking. If your Hitachi washing machine doesn’t work correctly, or some of its functions have become unavailable, it’s time to perform the troubleshooting process. Even if your washing machine is still covered by the official warranty, the process of diagnostics and repair might take a few weeks. Why wait when you can eliminate the issues without anyone’s help?

Below, you can see repair and maintenance instructions for different models of Hitachi washing machines. For your convenience, they are made in the form of tables: you can easily find one of the most widespread technical problems, define what might have caused it, and fix the construction on your own. The instructions were provided by the official manufacturer, and they’re easy for understanding by an average user.

Moreover, the error codes for the most popular washer models are included, as well. If you see the washing machine displaying some certain error code, you can easily define the problems and eliminate it – there’s no need to search for the printed manual. Please, note that some models have the same error code set, so if there’s no mentioning of your washer model, some manuals can be applicable, too.

The vast majority of Hitachi washers’ technical problems can be solved on one’s own. But if you lack technical expertise, call the professional service center.

Hitachi BD-W75TSP washer error code

CodeDescriptionPossible CauseSolution
C01Water is not supplied.• Water tap may not be turned on.Check water tap, water inlet filter, water line and water hose.
• Water inlet filter may be clogged.
• Water line or water hose may be frozen.
• Water supply may be cut off.
C02Water is not drained.• Drain hose or drain pump may be clogged.Check drain hose, drain pump and drain outlet. If C02 still appears after removing the possible cause, please contact your local service center for repair.
• Drain hose may be kinked or frozen.
• Drain hose may not be set correctly.
• Height of the drain outlet may be too high.
C04Spin cycle does not function.• Clothes may be imbalanced in the drum.Add a few clothes to the drum. (Spinning only one item may result in imbalance.)
• You may be washing only one heavy item such as a cotton blanket or jeans, or small items in a laundry net.
• You may be washing too many large items such as bed sheets.
• The washing machine may be installed on a slanting floor or may not be level.
• You may be washing waterproof or antislip treated items.
C08Door lock does not function.• The door may be open.Check the door and close firmly.
• The door may not be closed completely.
C08Door lock does not function.• The door may be open.
• The door may not be closed completely.
C09Door unlock does not function.• Laundry may be exceeded 7.5 kg and door is pushed from inside.Switch power off and press the door to close tightly. Hold that position and switch power on, and wait until the door lock is released.
C14Malfunction of vibration sensor• There may be other appliances that generate electrical noise near the washing machine.Move the appliances away from the washing machine.
C18Spin cycle does not function.• The drain hose may not be set correctly.Same as in error C02.
• There may be too much foam in the drum.
C19Over loaded• Laundry may exceed rated capacity.
C30Water flows out from drain hose while washing.• Drain hose end is set lower than 60 cm.

Hitachi BD-W3300 washer error code

Indicator and meaningPossible cause and solution
C01 - Water cannot be supplied.Press (START/PAUSE) button to pause.
• Make sure the tap is open.
• Make sure the water supply inlet’s filter is not clogged.
• Check whether a water outage has occurred.
• Make sure the water supply pipe or water supply hose is not frozen.
Press (START/PAUSE) button to start the operation.
C02 - Water cannot be drained.Press (START/PAUSE) button to pause.
• Make sure the drain hose or drain outlet is not clogged with lint or other debris.
• Make sure the drain hose is installed properly.
• Make sure it is not pinched or frozen.
• Make sure it is laying flat.
• Make sure the end of the hose is not submerged in water.
• Make sure it does not rise 10 cm or more above the ground at any point.
• When using an extension hose, make sure the hose does not exceed 2 m in length.
Press (START/PAUSE) button to start the' operation
C03 - The door is open.Press (START/PAUSE) button to pause.
• Close the door. For safety, the door is locked during operations.
• Make sure the door stopper is retracted. Use a coin or similar object to turn the door stopper counterclockwise until it clicks into place.
Press (START/PAUSE) button to start the operation.
C04 - Spinning is not possible.Press (START/PAUSE) button to pause.
• Make sure the laundry is not concentrated on one side. Distribute the laundry in the drum as evenly as possible. (Even if it appears even, items made of cotton, for example, can become heavy with water, causing imbalance if concentrated in one area.)
• Do not wash thick items (cotton blankets, jeans, etc.) or items in mesh laundry bags alone. Add 2 or 3 more items, and wash together. (Single . pieces of laundry tend to gravitate to one side.)
• Do not wash too many sheets or large items at one time. Reduce the number of large items.
• Make sure the machine is stable and installed on a level surface. Make sure the air bubble in the spirit level is inside the circle.
• Do not load items that cannot be washed or dried. Remove items that cannot be washed or dried. Such items can increase the vibration during the spin cycle.
Press (START/PAUSE) button to start the operation.

Hitachi HB-B101 washer error code

Display CauseHow to reset
( - - E ) and beep beep beep There is no bread pan in the bread maker, or the bread pan has not been properly positioned.Put the bread pan in the bread maker again: you should clearly hear a click. Check that the display is no longer showing, and press the START button again.
( - - H ) and beep beep beepThe oven area is hot (above 100°F/38°C). This may occur during continuous use.Open the lid to cool the oven area for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
If the ventilating is finished, START can be set after 5-10 minutes again. When the indication goes out, press the START button.
( - - L ) and beep beep beepThe oven area is cool (under 14°F/-10°C)Remove the unit to warm place. When the indication goes out, press the START button.

Hitachi HWF-800X washer error code

Control lights do not come on.A fuse has triggered.Switch on / replace the fuse.
Call Customer Service if this fault is repeated.
Power failure.An interrupted programme will be resumed when the power returns. If the washing is to be removed, proceed
Plug is loose or not inserted.Insert the plug.
The START indicator light flashes. (Program does not start) Loading door not closed properly.Check whether laundry is trapped in door.
Close the loading door (a click should be heard).
The ACTIVE indicator light flashes. (Water does enter the machine or detergent is not washed away.)Water tap not turned on.Turn on water tap.
Supply hose kinked or trapped.Eliminate the cause.
Strainers in supply hose clogged.Clean the strainers;
The END indicator light flashes. (Washing lye is not completely drained.)Loose debris is blocking the pump.Clean the pump
Fluff-producing laundry was washed. The water drainage pipe or drain hose is blocked.Clean the water drainage pipe and/or drain hose.

Hitachi SF-140SV washer error code

Error codeDescriptionThings to checkSolution
C1Water is not supplied• Is the tap open?Check the tap, water supply inlet filter, water pipes, and water supply hose.
• Has dirt collected in the water supply inlet filter?
• Are the water pipes or water supply hose frozen?
• Has the water supply been disrupted?
C2Water does not drain• Is the drain hose blocked?Check the drain hose and the drain outlet.
• Is the drain hose twisted, crushed, or frozen?
• Is the drain hose connected correctly?
• Is the drain outlet too high?
C3The tub does not spin• Is the lid open?Close the lid.
C4• Is the laundry all on one side of the tub?Add a few more items to wash. (If there is only one item in the tub, it is likely to become unbalanced.)
• Does the laundry include too many thick items like cotton blankets or jeans or too many large items like sheets?
• Is the washing machine wobbling, or is the floor under the washing machine slanted?
• Are there any unwashable things in the tub?
C8The lid cannot be locked• Is the lid closed?Check that the lid is completely closed. Check that there are no foreign objects in the lock.
• Are there any foreign objects in the lock?
C9The lid lock cannot be released• Are there any foreign objects in the lock?Turn the power off and then on again and wait a little while. If the lid is still locked, contact a service center for repair.
COLaundry overload• Check if the laundry overload?Decrease the laundry
ChThe spinning speed is not reached the specified value.• Check if the amount of powder detergent is too much?Check the amount of powder detergent putting, check the drain hose and installation of drain hose.
• Check if the drain hose is clogged?
• Check if the drain hose is installed correctly?

Hitachi SF-P90DJ washer error code

SymptomsIndicator flashesCheck itemsRestart
Not running• Check if electricity is cut off?• Make sure power is on
• Check if fuse or circuit break is blown?• Make sure the power cord is property plugged
• Check if power cord is property plugged?
Not filling in waterC1 - (Not filled with water after 30 minutes.)• Is the water tap closed?• Press START/PAUSE button and eliminate the cause of the trouble
• Is city water frozen or water supply stopped?
• Does dust ciog the screen in the water supply inlet?
Not drainingC2 – (Drain isn't completed with in 10 minutes)• Is the drain hose crushed?
• Is the remaining water in the built-in drain hose frozen’
Not spinningC3• Is the lid open?• Close the lid.
C4• Are clothes placed to one side?• Evenly distribute the load and close the lid.