Hobart washer error code

Hobart washer error code

Washing machines of Hobart brand are quite rare, that’s why searching for the repair service center that can help is a hard task. When you experience some technical problems with your washer, asking for the warranty maintenance is the first thing that spring to your mind. But what if the official warranty service period is over? Don’t hurry to search for professionals – there’s a possibility that you can fix everything on your own.

The guidelines below mention the most widespread technical problems and malfunctions in different models of Hobart washing machines. For your convenience, they are present in the form of tables: you can easily find the issue and possible reasons causing it. Besides, there are short instructions for fixing the issues.

Most likely, the washing machine will indicate certain error codes. You don’t have to search for a paper manual to define the problem – error codes are mentioned in the tables. Hobart UX Series washers have the same set of error codes, so one instruction is applicable to all models of this category.

The repair manuals are provided by the official manufacturer: they are easy to understand and follow. In most cases, the troubleshooting process takes a few minutes. However, if you find following these repair & maintenance guidelines too challenging, don’t hesitate to contact the repair service center. Besides, software troubles should be solved by a professional repairman.

Hobart UX Series washer error code

FILShut-off valve is closed.Open shut-off valve at site and switch on machine again.
Fill valve or fill system defective..Call the after sales service.
FIL + key Exceeded fill time.
ALDrain hose blocked.Clean drain hose and restart drain cycle.
Drain system defective.Call the after sales service.
ULDrain hose blocked.Clean drain hose and restart drain cycle.
Fill system or drain system defectiveCall the after sales service.
F01Temperature probe “rinse booster' defective.
F02Temperature probe "tank" defective..
HEIRinse booster heating defective.Maybe restricted operation possible - call the after sales service.
Flashing BLUE/RED Start buttonWash tank filters blocked.Remove and flush scrap basket and tank strainer. Replace in machine, close door and press start button to recommence wash cycle.