Hoover washer error codes

Hoover washer error codes

If you’re an owner of Hoover washing machine and your device doesn’t work for some reason, don’t hurry to contact the third-party maintenance service providers. There are two ways to solve the problem without spending a buck. If your device is still covered by the official warranty (the maintenance service period hasn’t ended yet), you can ask the official service provider to fix issues. However, usually, diagnostics and repair take weeks or even months. Waiting all this time without washing machine at hand is simply inconvenient.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to solve the issues on one’s own. Yes, it’s possible when you have the repair instructions at your disposal. The tables below are maintenance guides for different models of Hoover washing machines. They are made in the form of tables to simplify the process. These tables enlist the most widespread technical problems and defects, provide possible causes and ways of solution. That makes the maintenance process fast and flawless.

Besides, the tables also contain the error codes. Whenever you see the washer indicate some certain error code, don’t rush to search for the paper manual – the codes are available online on this page. Keep in mind that these instructions are taken from the official sources – they are correct and can be followed even if you’re not a tech-savvy user.

Hoover 11146P8CH washer error codes

Error 9 is displayedCancel the programme by pressing the ON/OFF button
Wait 10-15 seconds, select again the programme and press the START/PAUSE button to switch the machine on
Remember, you may be charged for the service call if incorrect installation or misuse causes a problem with your machine
If the following error codes are displayed, switch OFF the machine and contact Hoover Service

Hoover SIX.AAA WHISPER 1600 washer error codes

Display reads error: 0,1,5,7,8,9-Call service.
Display reads error 2No water fill.Check water supplies are on.
Display reads error 3No pump out.Check drain is clear. Check drain hose is not kinked.
Display reads error 4Machine overfilled with water.Turn off water supply to machine. Call service.