Hotpoint washer error codes

Hotpoint washer error codes

Although Hotpoint washers are quite popular and are easily maintained by all washer repair service centers, there’s always a chance that you can fix the technical issues on your own. If your washer doesn’t work, don’t rush to call the official service center – perform the troubleshooting process quickly and for free.

The manuals below will help you with that. They are present in the form of tables for the reader’s convenience. These instructions mention the most widespread technical problems of popular Hotpoint washer models, the reasons causing malfunction, and the ways to solve issues. The manuals are provided by the official manufacturer, so they are made for an average user – you will be able to follow the instructions even without possessing much technical knowledge.

Additionally, the tables contain the error codes. Whenever your washer displays some error code, you will be able to define the exact problem quickly – there’s no need to search for the printed manual that comes with the device.

In most cases, the steps from the instructions below can be executed by a user without technical skills. However, if you find some of them too challenging, don’t risk and call the professional service center. In case of severe mechanical damage or software faults, only a certified repairman can save your home appliance.

Hotpoint S-Line SWMD 9437 washer error codes

Error message:Solution:
'Wash Enhance' and 'Rinse Hold' and 'Mini Load' option indicator lights flashing on the control panelYour machine is fitted with a filter system for the pump - This filter may have become blocked for details of how to remove any blockage from the pump filter.
This indicates that the machine failed to drain, possibly because the pump filter is blocked.
Display shows 'door'.• Close the door firmly and try the machine again.
This indicates that the door is not closed properly.
“H2O” flashing in the display.This indicates that the machine has failed to take in water
Check that:
• that the cold water inlet hose is connected to the cold water supply tap.
• the cold water inlet hose is not kinked.
• the cold water supply tap is turned on - Ensure it is turned fully on.
• the water pressure is sufficient

Hotpoint FEW10 washer error codes

Indicator Lights:Solution:
The ‘DOOR LOCKED’ indicator lightIf the ‘DOOR LOCKED’ indicator light is flashing: Shut the door firmly, until it clicks. The ‘DOOR LOCKED’ indicator light should now stay on.
If the door will not open... Check the programme has finished, is the ‘PROG.END’ indicator light lit? It takes about two minutes for the ‘DOOR LOCKED’ indicator light to go out after a programme has finished. The door will not open until the ‘DOOR LOCKED’ indicator light has gone out
The ‘ACTIVE’ and ‘PROG.END’ indicator lights are both flashingThis means that the machine cannot fill. Check that the water supply is turned on and that the inlet hose is not kinked
The ‘ACTIVE’ indicator light is flashingIf the ‘ACTIVE’ indicator light is flashing: This means that the programme selector dial has been moved since the programme started. Return the dial to the original selection

Hotpoint Ultima WMA64 washer error codes

Indicator Lights:Solution:
A 'Red Keyhole' symbol B is flashing continuouslyShut the door firmly, until it clicks. The symbol should now go out
A 'Red Tap' symbol is flashingThis means that the machine cannot fill.
Check that the water supply is turned on and that the inlet hoses are not kinked
The machine bleeps 3 times upon pressing a buttonCheck:
- If the 'Child Lock' is activated
- Is a wash programme currently running and the programme can not be changed?
- The option is not available with the selected wash programme.
A 'Red Baby Safe' symbol is litThis means that the machine has been child locked
Deactivate this feature by pressing and holding in the'Child Lock' button for 4 seconds. You will hear a beep and the 'Red Baby Safe' symbol will go out, allowing you to use the machine normally
The 'Time to End' display jumpThe estimated programme times are dependant on the temperature and pressure of the incoming water supply, the option(s) selected and the load being washed
They may, the refore change during the fill stages of each programme to take into account the extra heating or fill time required.
The 'Spin' progress status light is flashingThis means that there has been an unbalanced load and the machine could not spin

Hotpoint WML540GUK.R washer error codes

FAULTPossible Causes
F01Motor triac short circuit: Check motor and module connections
F02Motor jammed/tacho detached: Check motor and module connections
F03NTC short/open circuit: Check thermistor and module connections
F04Pressure switch jammed on empty: Check switch and module
F05Pressure switch jammed on full or pump blocked: Check pump and switch
F07Heater relay stuck: Check heater and module connections
F08Heater relay stuck: Check pressure switch, heater and module connections
F09Setup error: Check Eeprom
F10Pressure switch not sensing: Check switch and module connections
F11Pump cannot be activated: Check pump, connections and wiring
F12No communication between cards: Check module connections
F17Door lock error: Check door, door lock and module connections
F18Communication error (3 phase motor): Replace power board

Hotpoint 7kg Ultima washer error codes

Problem:Possible causes / Solution:
The display states "door”The door is not fully closed, please close fully to start cycle.
The display shows F000Where 000 is the number (please contact Hotpoint Service and quote the number).
The time to end jumps.Estimated programme times are dependant on temperature and pressure of the incoming water supply, option(s) selected and the load being washed. They may therefore change during fill stages to take into account extra fill time or heating required.
I cannot read the information on the LCD Display.If the display is not showing the correct information: Switch Off at the electric socket. Wait 5 seconds then switch back on.

Hotpoint BHWMED 149 washer error codes

Problem:Possible causes / Solution:
"NO WATER CHECK SUPPLY" appears on the display - The machine does not fill with water• The water inlet hose is kinked.
• The water inlet hose is not connected to the water supply.
• The water pressure is too low.
• The water tap has not been turned on to allow water to flow into the macf
• There is no water supply to the house.
• The inlet valve filter is blocked.
• The START/PAUSE button has not been pressed.
F05 error code in the display - The machine does not drain or spin• The Pump filter is blocked.
• The drain hose is kinked
• New Installation - The blanking cap or spigot has not been removed if connected under a sink
• The drain hose or sink trap is blocked
• The wash cycle does not include draining, some wash cycles require the drain phase to be started manually
• The REDUCED CREASES function button has been activated. To complete the wash cycle, press the START/PAUSE button
• The 'Spin Speed’ selector knob is in the "OFF" position
The programme takes too long or The Display changes the estimated ‘Time to End’ during the programme.• Programme times will vary due to water pressure, the incoming water temperature and if the wash load goes out of balance. This will increase the programme times accordingly
The indicator lights on the console are flashing rapidly• Switch off the machine and unplug it, wait for approximately 1 minute and then switch it back on again If the problem persists contact the Technical Assistance Service