LG washing machine error PE

LG washing machine error PE

You try to start the program, but the LG washing machine displays error and refuses to wash. Perhaps, for the first time the error PE appeared during the washing, rinsing or spinning, and now it appears all the time.

In the LG models without a control display, the washing, rinsing and spinning indicators flash or blink at the same time when the error occurs.

Error description

pressure switch lg washer

Error code PE indicates that the level sensor (pressure switch) fault has occurred – it measures the amount of water in the drum. The LG washing machine “does not understand” how much water the drum has and does not start washing.

PE is quite a rare error, and the decryption itself tells us where to find its cause. However, sometimes the water level switch (pressure switch) has nothing to do with the error and it can be fixed independently.

PE error – when it can be fixed by yourself

  • If the error occurred for the first time, try disconnecting the machine from the grid for 10 to 15 minutes, and then plug it back into the socket. It is possible that there was a failure in the control module – the brains of the LG machine – and a restart will help get rid of it.
  • If the washing machine fills and immediately drains the water, and then displays error code PE, the cause may hide in wrong installation. The drain is located below the level of the drum, so the water goes into the sewer by itself, and the error appears. Connect the washing machine to the sewer system correctly on your own or use “RemBytTeh” installation service.
  • Check the connections of the wires leading to the pressure switch. Perhaps there is no contact and the wires need to be connected again.

If these tips did not help to fix error PE, then your LG washing machine has a malfunction and it requires professional repair. 

Possible malfunctions requiring repair

Based on more than 5,000 repairs of LG washing machines, we have collected the most popular malfunctions entailing error PE that the “RemBytTec” specialists came across with.

Symptoms of error Probable cause Repair or replacement
The LG washing machine does not start washing and displays error code PE. In 80% of cases with this error, the heater (heating element) is to blame – it heats the water to the right temperature. Sometimes it is enough to blow the pressure switch hose if it is clogged. In all other cases, level sensor replacement is required.
The LG washing machine displays an error code immediately after pressing the START button or during the program execution. The control unit (programmer) – a microchip which “controls” the operation of the washing machine – is out of order.

If the elements responsible for controlling the water level sensor are burnt, the repair is possible.

If a unit processor or a chip is severely burnt, the replacement is required

Error PE randomly appears and then disappears. Very often this is due to the damage of the wiring inside the washing machine. The wiring inside the washing machine was damaged in the place between the heater and the control module. Therefore, during vibrations, the contact breaks down and the error appears. Damaged wires need to be twisted or the cable needs to be completely replaced. In the case of twisting, the place of twisting must be carefully insulated with the help of a heat shrink.