Primus Washer Error Codes

Primus MKIIA-LC Washer Error Codes

Error codeType of fault
1Water drain failure
2Out of Balance
3Motor overload
4Door lock failure
5Water fill failure
6Heating Failure
7Coin input fault
8Memory Failure
9Frequency control Failure

Primus PW-5 Washer Error Codes

Error code Cause Solution
is flashing in the bottom right corner of the display
The programme has tried to start but the door is openClose the door and start again
"0000" is flashing at the top right of the displayThe machine has not spun1. The machine has a built-in imbalance sensor that reduces the speed or prevents spinning if the load is poorly distributed. Switch off the power switch, then switch it on again. Open the door and redistribute the load.
2. After doing this, run programme P8