Samsung washer error code 8C

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 8C

The 8C error code shown on the panel of your Samsung appliance is usually ac-companied by the stop of the laundry process, which will not be resumed until the problem is fixed. This code reflects the issues with the tacho sensor, specifically with the weak or lost signal.

On different models of Samsung washers this error is indicated by different codes — 8C for the newest devices, EA, 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C for the older versions. For the machines, without a display, the error is indicated by simultaneous blinking of 60C, 40C and mode bulbs.

What can cause the 8C Error?

If the Samsung CMA display shows 3E, 8E, EA, it most likely points on a malfunction in the tacho-sensor or motor.

The machine can show the error 8C Error if there is:

  • Exaggerated loading of the drum;
  • Foreign objects between the tank and the drum;
  • A one-time glitch in the control module;
  • Breakage of the Hall sensor;
  • Damaged drive-belt;
  • Decrease in motor power, because of the worn-out brushes or broken winding;
  • Faulty control module.

Usually, the 8C code indicates an error in the tacho sensor of the motor. The control unit receives an incorrect or no signal from the sensor. So the unit stops the motor from further actions.
Most often, an 8C/EA error means significant engine control failures. But sometimes it is possible to eliminate the cause of the code without calling the specialist.

How to fix the 8C Error?

First of all, try to reset the error by switching the device off for 10-15 minutes. It may just be caused by the one-time failure of the control panel.

If the reason is in the overloaded drum it is pretty easy to check.  Take some of the laundries from the drum and restart the washing cycle. If these simple steps didn’t help, proceed with the examination of other parts.

Tachogenerator or Hall sensor is defective. It gives incorrect or too weak signals or stays silent. Sometimes the winding of the sensor is faulty. It may be needed to re-place the Hall sensor. Simply check it with the multimeter to find out whether it is fine or not.

The connections between the Hall sensor and the motor need to be cleaned of tightened. In case some of the wires are damaged — replace them.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 8C belt

In the case of the engine malfunction, there has been an open or short circuit in the motor windings and the motor has to be replaced. If there are problems with a motor belt, check whether it’s placed correctly and look for visible damages and change it.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 8C worn-out brushes

Another reason is that the brushes of the electric motor have been erased which doesn’t help the drum to gain speed. The tachogenerator records a smaller number of revolutions and an error code appears. Worn-out brushes must be replaced.

The control module is faulty so the signal is missing. Possibly there are some parts of the board, responsible for the connection with the Hall sensor, burnt out or dam-aged. In some cases, the element has to be replaced, in others — the whole board.