Whirlpool Cabrio washer troubleshooting tips

Whirlpool is one of the leading home appliance brands. The washing machine of the Cabrio model enjoys constant popularity among consumers.

This model is the most successful in terms of a very small number of errors during operation, but anyway, sometimes it may be necessary to eliminate small problems in its operation.

Consider possible problems and ways to fix them.

Whirlpool Cabrio washer repair

Spin function not working

Spinning is one of the most necessary and important functions. If the washing machine does not spin, check the following possible problems:

Drive pulley nut not holding

The nut holding the drive pulley in place is not holding properly. In this case, the rotation function of the Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine will not work. It is necessary to find the drive pulley and tighten the nut tightly to restore the operation of the machine.

Faulty shift drive

Washing machines are designed in such a way that many of their parts are constantly moving and subjected to heavy loads. It follows from this that the components that are responsible for the rotation wear out due to cracks and breakages.

If the washing machine does not spin, and error codes, for example, F7 or E1, light up on the display, it is possible that there are problems with the gear shift drive. If this happens, you will have to replace the node, proceeding as follows:

  • unplug the machine from the socket and disconnect it from the water supply;
  • disconnect the water supply hoses on the rear panel. Mark where the hose for hot water and cold water is, so as not to accidentally swap them when reconnecting;
  • disconnect the drain from the wall so that there is no tension and turn the washing machine over so that it lies on the front side. It is better to lay a thick towel or an old blanket under the machine so that it does not get damaged;
  • the area you need to get to is located under the machine. You need to detach the protective screen by unscrewing the screws. Move the screen to the side so as not to interfere;
  • the shift drive is located to the left, slightly below the shield. It is necessary to get rid of its faulty part. The drive is held in place with two screws. It is necessary to carefully disconnect the wiring harness and put the old part aside;
  • next, you need to properly mount the new part. You need to connect the wiring harness and proceed in reverse order, assembling the car.

Washing machine does not draw water

The problem when the washing machine does not fill with water is very serious and does not allow it to be operated at all. To deal with the problem, you need to act like this:

Inlet valve clogged

  1. First you need to check the water supply hoses and screens for blockage. The inlet hoses are used to connect the washing machine to the water supply. There are metal screens at the ends of the hoses to keep the inlet valve from clogging.
  2. To find out if there is a problem with the inlet valve or not, you should disconnect the washing machine from the water supply system.
  3. Then disconnect the hoses from the faucet and the machine and remove debris from the screens if it has accumulated there. If the screens are damaged, you need to put new ones.
  4. It is also necessary to check the inlet valve for debris that has penetrated through the filters and stuck inside. If there is a blockage, it is necessary to clear both ports on the valve.

Inlet valve clogged

Burnt intake valve coil

Burnt coils can lead to a malfunction of the water supply valve. If there were interruptions in the water pressure in the house, it is possible that the inlet valve is faulty. Like any electrical device, the coils in the valve are designed for a certain period of operation and they can burn out during prolonged operation.

If this happens, the electrical impulse supplied to the washing machine is not able to open the valve shutters. To make sure that this is the case, you will need a multimeter to check the stability of the electrical voltage. If you do not have a device, it is better to change the part for a new one, since the water intake valves are not restored.

Defective bearings

If the operation of the washing machine is accompanied by increased noise during spinning, water flows from under it, in most cases this indicates a bearing failure.

Bearing seal leaking

Bearing seal leaking

This is usually caused by a rupture of the tank seal. This causes water to leak from the seal and enter the tank bearings. Correct the problem immediately, as this will lead to bearing failure. In such a situation, it is better to replace both the tank seal and the bearings. It should be noted that the elimination of such a problem is troublesome, you will have to disassemble a significant part of the machine.

Error code OL

Most often, this error code appears on Whirlpool Cabrio washing machines. As a rule, it signals an overload. That is, it is an overload of the machine. If such a code appears on the display and is not removed, check the following:

Bearing problems

If the bearing fails, the washing machine will not be able to rotate normally. This is usually signaled by the unusually loud rumble of the machine during the spin cycle. The bearing needs to be replaced to fix the problem. The repair will require a tank seal bearing kit and a tool kit.

Loose direct drive motor nut

If the nut on the direct drive motor is loose, error code OL may be displayed. To check if this problem exists:

  1. Unplug the washing machine from the socket, turn off the water and disconnect the water supply hoses from the back of the machine.
  2. Move the washing machine so that it is convenient to operate and loosen the screws on the panel to detach it.
  3. Locate the drive motor and belt, use an adjustable wrench to tighten the motor nut. You must first turn counterclockwise to loosen the nut.
  4. Next, you need to hold the engine in the desired position and tighten the nut by turning it clockwise.
  5. Adjust the correct belt tension. It is difficult to cope here alone, you may need the help of another person.
  6. Assemble the washing machine, connect the hoses and connect to the mains.

Error code OL

Washing machine is not blocked

If the washer lock stops working, there is usually a problem with the lid lock. You need to understand step by step:

Lid lock defective

This is the most common problem with direct drive washing machines. If the washing machine draws water, but does not scroll, the lid lock switch is most likely out of order. To determine if this is the reason, you need to turn on the spin mode. Next, you need to open the cover and insert a screwdriver into the opening of the cover switch actuator.

If, with such manipulations, the machine continues to work, but not when the lid is closed, then the problem is with the switch. If there is no result during such a test, and you cannot understand what the problem is, try using a multimeter to check the voltage.

Drain not working

A malfunctioning drain pump is one of the main reasons why the drain does not work in a Whirlpool Cabrio washing machine.

Clogged or defective drain pump

How to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. First check if there is voltage from the board to the drain pump. This can be determined by carefully listening whether the pump motor is running or not.
  2. If the engine does not run, make sure that everything is in order with the plug and wires on the pump, that there is no damage to the wiring harness. If voltage is being supplied to the pump, there may be a pump blockage problem.
  3. It is necessary to disconnect the hose connecting the tank and the pump. See if it’s pinched.
  4. Remove the pump motor and see if there is debris in there. If it is clogged, the drain will not work.
  5. Check the pump impeller, make sure it does not oscillate. If the machine still does not drain, remove the hose connecting the pump and drain and make sure it is not clogged.
  6. If the power to the pump is normal and there is no blockage, a new drain pump motor should be installed.
  7. In addition, you can use a multimeter and measure the voltage stability of the drain pump. If no deviations are found, then the problem is in the drain pump.

Washing machine is not blocked

Washing machine stops during washing

If the washing machine stops during washing and error codes appear, for example, F1 or E2, check the following:

Error code F1 or E2

Such errors indicate a failure in the engine control circuit. You need to act like this:

  • disconnect the machine from the mains for 5 – 7 minutes. Reconnect and check if the board is reset;
  • if the error code is not deleted, it is necessary to unplug the washing machine from the socket again and disconnect the back cover;
  • see if everything is in order with the wiring, make sure the connections are in good condition and the integrity of the wires;
  • check the wiring harness on the stator, make sure they are intact and connected correctly. If the wiring is good, then the engine control board needs to be replaced;

To understand that this is precisely the case, there are several options for how to check the health of the board. This will require a multimeter and an electrical circuit of the washing machine.