5 reasons for a washing machine breakdown and how to fix them

5 reasons for a washing machine breakdown and how to fix them

Often, during operation, a washing machine ceases to perform its usual functions:

  • spinning;
  • drainage of water;
  • a set of water;
  • selection of the operating mode, etc.

If such household appliances stop responding to commands, you should check whether they are overloaded with laundry, as well as the balance of the unit. If the top-loading washing machine does not turn on, you need to check the serviceability of its switch, which may fail, as a result of which the unit will not respond to commands.
Another reason why the washing machine stops squeezing out the laundry may be the drive belt, which begins to overheat, from which the machine stops working. In addition to these reasons that disable such household appliances, there are others that must be identified in order to choose the optimal solution to eliminate them and return the washing machine to working condition.

Causes of malfunction of the washing machine and how to fix them

A washing machine in the house makes the life of a modern person as easy as possible. To get clean linen or clothes, just load the clothes into the machine, press the buttons on the display, setting the desired washing mode and get clean and dry clothes in a couple of hours.
The breakdown of the washing machine can unsettle and radically change the established way of life. To correct the situation and return such household appliances to working condition, it is not necessary to immediately call the master at home. There are such malfunctions that you can eliminate on your own, while saving on repairs.
If the machine suddenly stops squeezing things out, you need to check if it is overloaded. Many users, in an effort to save their time, stuff such a unit to the eyeballs, which, as a result, leads to breakdown of household appliances. In order for the washing machine to remain in working condition for a long time, you need to use it taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations. Load the laundry in the amount specified in the instructions.

The washing machine does not work due to overload

When such a unit is overloaded, its performance is lost. If there are too many items in the washing machine, then its power during spinning will be minimal. Constant loading of a large number of laundry items can lead to breakage of expensive units of such household appliances.
Another reason for the lack of the spin function can be an uneven load on the machine. In this case, the spin cycle is disrupted and the working balance is no longer maintained. This is due to the fact that one difficult process is overlapped by another. The unit is experiencing increased loads that it cannot cope with.
Loaded wet items can get caught on one side of the drum, blocking its movement. This happens when washing large or bulky items that become heavy when wet:

  • a sheet;
  • blankets;
  • bedding for pets;
  • blankets.

Heavy textiles containing filler can form clumps that will block drum rotation and spin function. To restore the working state, you will need to call the wizard.
An unbalanced load can also cause the spin function to stop working.

Mode switch breakage

Another reason the car might stop spinning. Most often, such a breakdown occurs on top-loading models, on which the switch is installed on the cover. To check its serviceability, you need to understand what exactly it is transmitting at the time of pressing. It may not work due to the fact that the cover of the machine is not tightly closed. It is necessary to check the tightness of the lid. To do this, you need to open it and close it again, then turn on the switch.
If after that it does not respond to pressing, then it has broken. In this case, you will have to change it by purchasing a suitable part for a machine of a specific brand and model in a specialized company store, or by contacting a company service center.

When the drain pump is clogged

Again, missing or insufficient draining is a serious reason why your LG washing machine is not spinning fast or spinning.
If water is drained from your laundry, the washing machine will not spin.
You may also notice that your clothes are wet after washing. Apparently the washing machine didn’t spin.
The problem often occurs when the drain hose is clogged or kinked by small particles such as stone, buttons or coins.
So before you sound the alarm by trying the first three rules, never get discouraged. Or something is stuck in the drain pump. Check the drain filter.

Damage to the drive motor

5 reasons for a washing machine breakdown and how to fix them Drive motor

Each washing machine has a drive motor. If it is loose, worn or broken, the unit will not work properly. If the drive belt is loose, it will need to be tightened or replaced with a new one.
A burned-out disk can be the cause of engine breakdown, which will also need to be replaced. To do this, you will need to call a wizard who will replace the burned out part and eliminate the malfunction.

Clutch problems

5 reasons for a washing machine breakdown and how to fix them Clutch

This is one of the common problems in top loading washing machines. As a result of clutch wear, the unit stops rotating. On top-loading machines, the clutch assembly is used to lock the input shaft of the basket driven transmission during the spin cycle. As a result of constant friction of the clutch pads on the body, the part wears out. You can find out about this by the grinding noise that is emitted during the operation of the washing machine. A damaged clutch can also reduce the spin speed. All these breakdowns require a call to the master, who will be able to correctly replace the worn parts.

Breakage of the Hall sensor on the engine

5 reasons for a washing machine breakdown and how to fix them Hall sensor

Another common problem occurs with front-loading washing machines. They are equipped with a direct drive motor that has a Hall sensor. This sensor counts revolutions per minute and sends readings to the control board, which controls the drum rotation speed.
If the Hall sensor is out of order or the wires to it are cut off, the washing machine will not go to full spin or will not spin at all. To eliminate such a breakdown, professional assistance of specialists from the service center is also required.

Installing the washing machine on an uneven surface

If the washing machine is not level, it will not spin the laundry properly after washing, as the drum will not be able to rotate correctly. To eliminate this problem, you need to adjust the legs of the machine.
When the washer is not level, it makes noise and vibrates. A correctly installed unit runs quietly and there are no problems with drum rotation. To align, you will have to adjust each leg, trying to get the machine in a horizontal position in relation to the floor. To do this, you need to use the building level, which is placed on the top panel of the unit.

What to do if the washing machine does not spin

If the washing machine has stopped squeezing out the laundry, you need to call the service center and call the master, who can accurately determine the cause of such a malfunction. To avoid such a problem, you should correctly load things into the unit and avoid overloading it.
Also, do not try to pull out a wet item stuck in the drum by yourself after loading clothes for washing incorrectly. In this case, expensive parts and assemblies can be damaged. The stuck item can only be pulled out after disassembling the components. Such work cannot be carried out independently, to pull out the stuck wet clothes, or its element, you will need to call the master.

Kenmore washing machine repair

If a washing machine of this brand suddenly stops rotating the drum, you need to check how level it stands on the floor. To achieve a level position, you need to adjust the feet of the unit. If there are slopes or unevenness, the machine may stop working. You can understand that the machine is not level
Other causes of malfunction may be:

  • wear of the drive belt;
  • breakage of the transmission pulley;
  • clogged drainage.

5 reasons for a washing machine breakdown and how to fix them Belt

If the drive belt is worn out or broken, it will need to be replaced. Before this, you need to check the condition of all belt tensioners. The idler pulley or motor slide must rotate freely for the belt to be removed. The transmission pulley must rotate in the direction of rotation and agitation. The stirrer must not be impeded.
If the washing machine does not rotate and does not spin due to a clogged drain, you must first remove and disconnect the hoses leading to the drain pump and clean them. To perform this operation, you will need to unscrew the washers. To do everything correctly, you need to use the instructions that came with the washing machine, in which all the steps are described step by step and the parts that need to be removed are indicated.
After that, you can clean the clogged drainage system, put the hoses back in place, and then check the working condition of the washing machine. If everything is done correctly, the drum will start to rotate.
If the cover switch breaks, you must first inspect its back side. There is a small ledge on it, with the help of which the switch is triggered when the lid is closed. You need to check if the lid is bent. If there is a deflection, try to remove it by straightening the lid. In the event that this cannot be done, the switch will need to be replaced. The cost of such repairs is $ 50-60.
If there is no balanced load, front-loading washing machines may stop working. To fix such a breakdown, you must first open the door and manually distribute the loaded laundry evenly in the drum. In this case, you do not need to unlock the machine. This will happen automatically after the end of the wash cycle.

How to replace an old clutch

If a worn clutch is the cause of a washing machine breakdown, then you can try to replace it yourself if you have the necessary tools and basic working skills. Before starting repair work, you will need to purchase a part of the original production, using the model name and number of the washing machine to search.
After that, you will need to remove the old clutch. First you need to remove the clutch located under the external tank. It is usually attached to the drive. To gain free access to the coupling, you will need to remove the entire assembly in which it is located. This can only be done by an experienced specialist who understands the design features of such a household unit. Therefore, it is better not to risk it and call the wizard from the service center. After replacing the clutch, the drum of the washing machine will start to rotate again.

Other reasons the washing machine stops working

If the machine stops working and responding to commands, it is worth checking to see if it is plugged in. The plug can be pulled out of the socket for various reasons. Therefore, checking the operating condition of such a unit must begin with checking its connection to the network.
You also need to check the circuit breaker in the switchboard, which could have tripped due to changes in the network.
If the plug is in the socket, and the machine does not work and does not respond to pressing the buttons, you should call the wizard, who, using professional equipment, will quickly conduct a diagnostic examination, identify the cause of the breakdown and quickly fix it.


Automation of the washing process greatly facilitates the life of a modern person. While the washing machine washes your laundry or your clothes for you, you can do various important things, or just relax. When such a unit stops squeezing out the washed things, or does not drain the water, it is worth worrying and repairing such household appliances.
So that the breakdown of the washing machine does not become an unpleasant surprise, you need to regularly carry out its maintenance, which will allow you to quickly identify worn-out parts and consumables and promptly replace them. Maintenance with regular replacement of worn parts will extend the life of such household appliances and insure against unexpected major breakdowns. To maintain the working condition of such household appliances, which is very difficult for a modern person to do without, you need to regularly call specialists from the service department for maintenance. This is cheaper than replacing expensive parts and paying for a master who eliminates the error in the operation of such a unit.