A few examples of the problems why Samsung washer not spinning

Samsung washing machines are usually liked by users because of their high quality. But often there are certain problems with them. For example, the fact that the system does not rotate. In this guide, we’ll talk about what could be the issue and look at popular solutions.

Below will be described 5 common reasons why the washing machine refuses to spin and complete this process. And also 5 methods to eliminate this situation.

It’s worth mentioning right away that the brand produces household appliances with vertical and front loading. Moreover, each of its types has its own problem, which is associated with the lack of a spin option.

Samsung washer not spinning

Here are the most common situations:

  • the suspension has become unusable due to the time factor;
  • broken shock absorbers;
  • the nut moves freely;
  • the drain pump is broken;
  • the door lock is unusable.

Suspension wear

In the case of top loading and the issuance of an error code UE, UL or DC, we can say that the matter is in “unbalanced loading” and the inability of the drum to rotate fully.

Often this situation makes itself felt due to an impressive load that exceeds the established limit. But still, the situation is more common when the suspension needs to be adjusted and even replaced.

The point is the suspension springs, which are not able to absorb impressive vibration in order to stabilize the drum.

Suspension wear

Shock absorbers are out of order, which is typical only for front-loading devices

Their total number is 4, they are all responsible for holding the plastic drum and compensating for the vibrations coming from it during spin operation. According to the frequency of use of the washing machine, these devices may be subject to wear and tear and simply lose their effectiveness.

You can check if there is a problem here by pressing on the drum with your hand. It must be in its original position. As soon as the lowering occurs, it does not bounce. When the washing machine shakes due to worn shock absorbers, the vibration sensor is activated. After that, the device tries to distribute the load in the drum and squeeze.

Drum nut free play

It is immediately worth noting that it is located at the bottom, holding the drum in place. But when weakened, it sways to the sides, especially when the machine switches to the spin mode. You need to make sure that it is tight enough to prevent rocking.

Drain pump malfunction

If it is clogged or jammed, it is completely impossible to drain the water. In this situation, the transition to the spin mode is not carried out. The drum will try to spin, but will eventually stop, and an error will be displayed on the screen.

Broken plastic bracket

This problem is most common in front-loading machines. They just curl when pressed. The fact is that there is a bracket at the back to hold the harness on the drum. If it weakens or breaks, the vibration sensor will work. As a result, a stop will occur within the spin cycle. Time in it will “jump”, and for a long time. As a result, there will be a stop, and the clothes will not dry completely.

Broken door lock

Broken door lock

Most models of this brand are equipped with a door lock that involves feedback. This is a small switch located in the “insides”. When the door is physically closed, it also closes and communicates with the board. But when the door is really closed and the sensor is not closed, the control board understands that something has gone wrong and prevents the machine from switching to the spin option.

However, the reel will continue to try to spin, although as a result it will stop completely and show an error code on the screen. In this case, you just need to purchase a new lock for the door.