Aeg electrolux washing machine e20 error

Aeg electrolux washing machine e20 error

The AEG E20 (or E21) fault code is typical of older AEG washers. The E20 code signals slow draining.

The E20 – E21 codes mean that the draining has stopped.

How to solve it

This is quite common with AEG washing machines. Most likely, there is a blockage in the system, or one of its components has gone faulty.

  1. Check the drain filter for clogs. There may be hair, lime, goo, etc.
  2. Check all pipes and hoses for clogs.

If the code is still there, there may be a problem in the drain pump or control board. Please, apply to our technical maintenance service and fill out the repair form. Most likely, a technician will arrive within two days.