Ariston washing machine h20 error

Ariston washing machine h20 error

Most often, users of Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston washing machines face error H20 in any washing program – 5-10 minutes after its start. In this case, the machine can:

  • not fill the water at all;
  • fill too little water, which is obviously not enough for washing;
  • fill too much water;
  • continuously fill and drain water

More rarely, Ariston stops with error code H20 on the rinse, not getting to the spin mode.

The error can additionally occur only on certain washing programs or appear and disappear in a chaotic manner. But the distinctive feature of error code H2O is that the separately started drain and spin programs always work fine, without any errors.

Error description

Error code H20 in Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston washing machines indicates a fault in the water intake system. H2O is the chemical formula of water, so for the sake of clarity and better rememberability of the error, the manufacturer deliberately abandoned the idea of a standard code with the F prefix and the number. There is not enough water, or, conversely, too much of it for a successful continuation of washing or rinsing.

The causes of the error H20, which can be dealt with independently

Very often, the H2O code on the Ariston washing machine can be eliminated independently, without the help of a professional serviceman. We have put these situations in a separate list and prepared instructions on how to act and what to do in order to get rid of error code H2O.

  • There is no water supply to the machine. This could happen due to the fact that the tap of the water supply to the machine is shut or there is no water in the water pipe at all. In the first case, simply open the tap. In the second one – restore the water supply in the house or apartment.
  • Low water pressure. The causes are similar. Either the water tap is “not fully” open, and it needs to be opened completely or the problem is in the water pipe as a whole.
  • The mesh filter of the intake valve is clogged. The filter installed at the junction of the inlet hose with the washing machine resembles a fine mesh. It protects the machine from large particles in tap water and it has a tendency of getting clogged over time. Disconnect the hose which supplies water to the machine and carefully remove the mesh filter with pliers. For cleaning, rinse it under running water or put in a solution of citric acid for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Self-draining of water from the drum. It occurs if the drain hose (all of it!) and the place of its connection to the sewer are placed below the level of the drum. In this case, your Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston will hardly fill the water after starting the program, and eventually will display error H20. To eliminate the self-draining, you will need to “lift” the center of the drain hose above the drum level. A detailed guidance on how to do the drainage can be found the instructions for your Ariston model in the Installation section. But if you doubt that you can handle this task yourself, you can use our service for installation of washing machines.
  • Control or display board failure. If error H20 was displayed for the first time – this could well be the result of a “bug” of the control of indication module of the washing machine. Try to “reset” your Ariston. To do this, remove the plug from the outlet for 15-20 minutes to reset the error. Please note that the frequent malfunction of the control module can be caused by the increased humidity in the room where the machine stands.

Nothing helps, and your Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine still refuses to execute the program and displays error H20 on the screen? It seems that there is a malfunction, and you will not be able to solve the issue without the help of a serviceman.