Bosch washer error code e04

Bosch washer error code e04

The error indicates the leakage.

Troubleshooting options

In order to get rid of error F04, you will need to make repairs. If you find a puddle of water near the Bosch washing machine, stick to the safety rules!

Do not step into the water until you turn off the power supply. To avoid an electric shock, pull out the plug from the outlet or turn off the electricity in the house.

Next, you need to turn off the water supply. Turn off the tap or turn off the water supply in the house.

If the washing program is complete, remove the laundry from the drum. If the failure occurred in the middle of the program, first of all pour out the rest of the water through the drain filter. Now get your clothes.

How to find the cause of the leak

Before you look for the cause of error F04 in the Bosch washing machine, simply look around. Perhaps the reason is not in the washing machine itself, but the water came from other sources. Check the sewerage and pipes. Perhaps this is the reason why the system displays the error.

If everything looks good, then the issue is in the Bosch washing machine. How to fix the failure and get rid of error F04? You need to examine possible places of leakage.

DIY Repair

If your Bosch washing machine shows error F 04 on the control display, you will need to check the parts of the washing machine.

Tip: to quickly locate the leak, carefully look at the spot where it starts.

Drain hose

Drain hose

Carefully inspect the hose for damage or cracks which could lead to water leakage. If everything looks good, inspect the place of its connection to the machine. It has a gasket that could have worn out. In this case, you will need to install a new gasket.

The drain filter

The drain filter

If you have previously unscrewed the filter, it may be loose. A reliable indication of the filter leakage is the presence of water under the washer. Unscrew it and reinstall in a proper manner.



A sign that indicates problems with the dispenser is the flow throughout the front panel of the Bosch washing machine. The dispenser is filled with powders and bleachers, which means there is always a chance of clogging.

The solution: pull out the dispenser, press the fixing element and pull it out of the machine. Rinse the dispenser under the water.

It happens that the cause of the leak is related with great pressure of water entering the dispenser. Twist the supply tap to reduce the pressure.

Now turn the washer on and see if the error F04 is still there. If the code is no longer displayed, then everything is fine.

Door seal

The seal is worn out or was damaged by small items during washing. The water flows from under the door, a puddle appears under the washing machine.

How to replace it:

  • Open the door, pull the seal.
  • Use a screwdriver to pry the metal clip and pull it out.
  • Remove the upper Bosch panel.
  • Unscrew the bolt securing the inner collar of the seal.
  • Remove the collar from the slots.
  • Remove the seal with the collar from the outer side of the door.
  • Install the new item in reverse order. Here is a video how to do that:

Drum damage

This sturdy element can also fail. Causes: washing things with sharp details, small items in your pockets. If the inspection reveals a defect in the drum, it needs to be replaced.

Drain pump

Drain pump

If you found wet spots under the pump during the inspection, it means that the internal seals are probably worn out. They need to be replaced.

In order to avoid the leakage, inspect and clean Bosch washing machine filters in time. This will help to prevent the occurrence of error F04.

The washing machine needs to be properly and evenly installed; the owner should monitor the quality of the hose connection and the strength of all connections.