Bosch washer error code E11

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E11

The E11 Error Code on the control panel of your Bosch machine signals that some-thing is wrong with the water filling system of your device and that the powder or soap is not washed off properly. The code usually appears in 10 minutes after the beginning of the cycle, when the water does not reach the required level.

What can cause the E11 error?

The E11 error can be caused either by a clogged water supply system or by insuffi-cient water pressure. In more serious cases there can be a malfunction of one of the inlet valves or failure of the electronic control module of the appliance.

All these reasons can lead to the blockage of the water supply system or to its limi-tation, so it’s vital to find and fix the cause, otherwise, you won’t be able to start a washing process.

Another probability is the activation of the Aquastop program of your device, which can be explained by the broken sensor or real danger of the leakage.

How to fix the E11 error?

So, first of all, run through the easiest things. Switch off and unplug the washer from the mains. Starts with testing pressure in the water supply system — check the shut-off valves in the system, make sure that they are fully open.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E11 filter

After you unplugged the machine, prepare some rags, as there might be a little flood when you start disconnecting the hose from the body. Check the filling hosepipe — inspect it carefully for clogs and twists, this is the most common reason for such an error. If the hosepipe is clean and not damaged, check the water filter, which can also be clogged.

Take off I’m the filter, which is placed behind the hosepipe and rinse it thoroughly. You may probably need tweezers to detach it, but installing it back will be pretty easy, just make sure there are no gaps left between the filter and the walls. Now connect back the hose, switch on the machine and try to run a washing cycle, checking whether the code is gone from the display.

Bosch Washing Machine Error Code E11 check the electric valve

The E11 error is still detected on the control panel, you should check the electric valve Afro clogs and damage. There might also be a malfunction of the control module, but for a proper diagnostic of this component you should contact the spe-cialist, as the can be a failure in a single detail, or the whole unit has to be replaced.

The error code on the display can also reflect the activation of the Aquastop system. You can try to switch off and unplug the machine for 10-15 minutes and switch it back. Sometimes it works. Or it can be a more serious breakage — the problem with the water sensor, which can be out or order or just needs its contacts and wires to be cleaned up.