Bosch washer error code E12

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code E12

Modern washing machines have a wide range of self-diagnostic and protection mechanisms, which allow detecting the issues in the operation of the device in the very first minutes after they occur. The E12 Error Code on the display panel of your Bosch device is explained by the incorrect water intake during the washing cycle. This is how the system is telling you that the tank is dry and the water entering has been exceeded.

On some of the modern HE machines, this code represents issues with the same elements as the E11 code, but in this case, the tank of your appliance doesn’t get water at all.

The code usually appears on the display during the first minutes of the process, after several attempts of the washer to start the cycle.

What can cause the E12 error?

There are not so many reasons for this error, so it will be pretty easy to deal with it. The most common explanation for E12 code is the clog or defect of the hosepipe and water-filter.

Another widespread reason is the failure of the Aquastop system, which is an inevi-table element of every modern Bosch machine, designed to inform about the danger of leakage.

The error can also be caused by the short circuit in the machine’s wires.

How to fix the E12 error?

First of all switch off the device and check, whether the water-tap is opened and your washer is not cut from the main water-supply. If everything is ok with the access of the water and its pressure, detach the device from the mains and start a more serious examination.

Bosch washer error code E12 Detach the water-filter and clean it carefully

Your next step should be inspecting the hosepipe and the filter. Browse the hose on any signs of damage, disconnect it from the body and rinse thoroughly from the in-side, to clean the clogs, if there are any. Detach the water-filter and clean it carefully.

Install everything back and try to run the washing cycle, checking whether the code of the error was reset or not. If it is still on the screen, then the reason is most likely in the Aquastop system.

The issues with the leakage-protection system may indicate a real leak in the ma-chine or just a failure of the sensor or control unit. So one of the options is to restart the machine and the error may disappear. If not — start the inspection.

The leakage in the washer can be caused by the incorrect connection of the hosepipe or a more serious failure of some inner parts of the machine. To exclude the first option, unscrew the hose from the body and screw it back, making sure there are no gaps and the hosepipe is connected tightly.

If you don’t see any water on the floor near your appliance, you should check the bottom tray. After the washer is unplugged, take off the tray and check whether there is water in it or not. If the tray is dry, inspect the float sensor — its contacts could be stuck or there is some dirt on it. Clean it and check with the multimeter. Replace in case it is out of order.

If the tray has water in — your device does have a leakage problem and you need to contact the specialist as soon as possible, as there may be some serious conse-quences for it.