Bosch washer error code F23

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code F23

If you see the F23 error code on the control panel of your Bosch machine, that means the system is letting you know that there is a danger of leakage in your appliance. This signal shows that the Aquastop system has been activated. On some of the models, this error is reflected by the simultaneous blinking of speed indicators (all except 900 or 700 depending on the model of your machine) and rinse mode.

What is the F23 Error?

So the machine is trying to say that there is a leakage or a danger of it, by trigging the Aquastop, which is a special mechanism that blocks the water supply in case of potential leakage. Bosch washing machines, equipped with an anti-leakage system, necessarily have a bottom tray. Each tray is furnished by a foam float, mounted on the inside of it.The system can be activated if:

  • Water from the drum is leaking into the tray. It is the signal from the float of the pan that triggers the safety system;
  • The filling hosepipes are damaged or not attached properly;
  • The powder dispenser is not installed correctly;
  • Some of the connectors do not fit tightly.

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code F23 Check powder dispenser is installed correctly

It is also possible that the error is caused by the failure of the mechanism itself. In this case, there is no leakage, but Aquastop still triggers. This case is pretty rare and requires replacement of the control module.

How to fix the F23 Error?

Bosch Washing Machines Error Code F23 Aquastop system

In order to reset the error, you need to eliminate the factors that triggered the Aquastop system. Check the pallet, hoses, water supply and powder dispenser for leaks. If you do not see any damage, try restarting the washing machine. In case this doesn’t help, turn the unplugged and disconnected from the main machine on its side and remove the tray. Through the bottom of the appliance examine the water pump, and if you notice any imperfections in its connection to other parts — fix them, as well as if you see the components that are worn out.

If there is water on the floor around the washer, there most likely is an issue in the connection between the main hose and the device. You can easily check and fix it by yourself.

If the reason is in the Aquastop system itself, check the palette float first. Unfasten it from all the wires, clean it up and examine to see any signs of breakage. Put it back, properly connecting. If after restarting the cycle the F23 error code hasn’t disappeared from the display, then you will probably need to replace the float.

The F23 error can have sad consequences —  water flooding, short-circuit wiring, etc. it is not safe to use a Bosch washer with such an error until the cause of the problem has been resolved. If you did not manage to fix this error yourself or simply do not want to disassemble it, call the specialist.