Caple washer error codes

Caple washer error codes

There’s some technical problem with your Cable brand washing machine? Doubt whether it’s possible to handle the issues on one’s own? Even if your new washer is covered by the official warranty, the diagnostics and repair process is likely to take several days or even weeks. Why waiting and dealing with inconveniences? You can fix the washer yourself using the repair manuals below – it will take a few minutes and cost you nothing.

Here are several tables describing the troubleshooting process for the washing machines of Caple brand – several models are overviewed. Using these step-by-step instructions, you will be able to identify the problem and the possible causes, as well as repair and maintain the device correctly.

To simplify the process for you, we have presented the error codes displayed on the washers. Each code corresponds with some certain kind of failure. As soon as you define the root of the problem, you can start eliminating the issue. The instructions are pretty easy to follow for an average user: they are provided by the official manufacturer and are written clearly and comprehensible.

The problems described in the tables below are mostly connected with issues conditioned by mechanical damage, clogging, or power supply failures. In the case of software failure, you will need a specialist’s help. If you are unsure about the possibility to repair your Caple, washing machine at home, don’t hesitate to call the repairmen – sometimes professional help is essential.

Caple WMF1020 washer error codes

FILLING (F01)EV activated for 8 min. and without water (except in the programme)The machine stops with the door lock activated
DOOR OPEN (F04)- Washing machines with instant opening door lock:IN USER PROGRAMME STOP (Programme end)
At the beginning of the programme the circuit detects that the door is not closed Washing machines with PTC door lock:
If the door lock is without power for 8 seconds the fault is displayed
EMPTYING (F02)EB ON 6 min. and PN ON (full)STOP (Programme end)
OVERFULL (F07)The fault is displayed:If the pressure switch detects that the washing machine is too full If the pump connector is broken or is not connected
NTC (F05)NTC in short circuit or open circuitThe programme ends without heating the water
DOES NOT HEAT (F06)IS < 5°C/15 min. (Except in reliability program)
MOTOR (FOB)Tachogenerator failure, motor blockedSTOP (Programme end) Door lock always activated
- The wash programme is stopped for 120 seconds
- The error counter starts counting
- If the error counter counts 3 faults the error code F08 is displayed
- When the stop time is exceeded the programme begins again
If the error does not occur in the next 20 seconds the error counter is reset. The programme stops (in any instance) and starts again in the same position. If the error occurs in the spin phase the programme will start the whole spin sequence again from the start.
This error returns to the initial conditions if the error is reset.
MOTOR INVERSION FAULT (F09)The drum rotation direction does not change until the motor stops (max. time 2 min.)
INTERNAL DOMOTIC FAULT (F10)Communication between the micro and the bus failsIn V1 nothing happens
In V3 and V4 the symbol will flash intermittently
EXTERNAL DOMOTIC FAULT (F11)While communicating with the washing machine it is detected that a node is absentIn V1 nothing happens
In versions V3 and V4 the symbol and the lock symbol will flash intermittently
BMF BUS FAULT (F12)While communicating with a washing machine a BMF fault is detected. In order to detect it, the following must happen:In version V1 nothing happens
- Display board: If the board does not receive the correct message from the power board for more than 10 seconds, or if it is continually receiving LINK messages but not data (no statusIn versions V3 and V4 the washing machine stops
messages. for more than 10 seconds, the fault F12 will be displayed.(Programme end)
- Power board: If the power board is continually sending LINK messages to the display board for more than 10 seconds (the master can recognise and check the BMF variable "EtadoLinkNodos"), the F12 fault is then displayed and should be activated in the master. If the power board receives a correct message from the display board (Link_Response or Data) the F12 fault is reset

Caple WMi2001 washer error codes

F01No water coming in
F02Does not drain or spin-dry
C03Does not spin-dry
F04Does not start
F05Call the Technical Assistance Service

Caple WMi2003 washer error codes

ErrlDoor is not properly shut.Shut the door properly, and then press the Start/Pause button.
Err2Drainage error, water not emptied within 6 minutes.Clean the filter and check the drain hose for blockage. If error still exists, please contact the maintenance personnel.
Err3Temperature sensor not properly connected or damaged.Contact the maintenance personnel.
Err4Heater error (Appears at the end of a cycle).
Err5Water level not met in 8 minutes.Make sure that tap is turned on, and wafer pressure is normal. If problem still exists, please contact the maintenance personnel.
The height of the drain hose is below 80 cm.Install drain hose within 80-100 cm of height.
The drain hose is in water.Make sure the drain hose is not in water.
Err7Motor error.Contact the maintenance personnel.
Err8Water exceeds protective level.
Err10The signal of Water level sensor is wrong.
EuArThe PCB and the motor cant't communicate.
EndEnd of wash cycle.
UNbWashing machine has an unbalanced load protection function. When unbalanced weight is greater than allowable maximum, the washing machine will not spin and will run at a speed to avoid abnormal vibration and noise1. In case washing 1 piece of laundry (carpet, bed sheet, table sheet, ect) make it symmetrical inside the drum.
2. Lower the wet weight of laundry pieces by wringing manually and placing them back in the drum in symmetrical position.
3. Take out and then reposition the laundry inside the washing machine in a more balanced position on the inner wall of the drum.
4. Add 1 or 2 pieces of laundry into the drum to reduce the unbalanced load effects.
5. Restart the spin cycle by selecting the spin program. In case the failure persists, please contact a qualified technician to repair it