Deciphering error codes in Maytag washing machines

You need to know how to recognize characters on a Maytag or Whirlpool washing machine. You need to be sure that the unit has switched to standby mode, that is, it is connected to electricity, and the indicators are off. Next, select 3 buttons, with the exception of POWER, and press and release them alternately for 8 seconds. This sequence must be repeated 3 times.

When the diagnostic mode is entered, the indicators will turn on for 5 seconds, and the remaining time calculation console will display “888”. If the stored error codes are not displayed, the symbols will go out, and then the last signal will appear.

This mode will turn off after 5 minutes if no action is selected or the power is disconnected. In case of difficulties with the transition to the diagnostic mode, it is worth doing the following steps.

Maytag washing machines 888 error code

Display or indicators do not light up

It is necessary to choose the first available cycle. When the signals light up, you need to check the operation of the 3 buttons serving the diagnostic mode. You should make sure that they respond and make sounds.

If the indicators flicker and go out, then you need to change the user interface.

The appearance of an error code

The error code is associated with the consecutive occurrence of the F# and E# characters. The first signals a suspicious category or system, the second reports difficulties with the system.

Usually, about 4 signals are stored. When the oldest is displayed, additional actions with the third button will ensure the inclusion of a triple beep. Then the last error code appears. If pressing the designation “888” occurs, then there are no saves.

To reset the characters, you must enter the diagnostic mode by pressing and holding the third button for 5 seconds. After deleting them, “888” will appear.

Exit diagnostic mode

Exit diagnostic mode

To return to the normal state of the washing machine, you should use one of 2 methods. The first is to press and hold the first button for 5 seconds. The second is to double-click on POWER when selecting the desired procedure.

Symbols on Maytag and Whirlpool units


Appears if Suds prevents the basket from accelerating to certain values ​​or the sensor detects an increase in foam volume. With the help of the main control, the water will wash it away. If such actions do not lead to anything, then the wrong powder is used or its dose is exceeded.

It is also worth checking the condition of the pumps and hoses for blockages. It is also advisable to make sure that the rise of the drain pipe is not more than 240 cm from the bottom of the unit.

Maytag washer Sud code

Symbol F0E1

Laundry was found in the drum during the cleaning cycle. Then Rl means an order to remove it.

The symbol must be cleared and the unit restarted to detect the problem. Load it only when washing. It is also required to follow the signs of touching things on the basket or drive.

Code F1E1

The onboard EEPROM is damaged or there is a communication failure between it and the CCU. It is possible that the main relay is not working as it should.

It is necessary to check the condition of the electrical outlet for defects. You also need to make sure that there were no power surges before. It is necessary to disconnect the unit from the power supply and check the functioning of the network.

Monitoring required:

  • dedicated circuits;
  • grounding;
  • stresses;
  • poles.

Then you need to turn on the household appliance and resume its operation. If the symbol does not disappear, then it is possible that the relay is damaged.


The motor control unit detects a malfunction. It occurs when the voltage changes or when the signal to the motor is lost during spinning. If the symbol appears in high speed mode, the door will be locked for three minutes.


Error F3E1

Reports a broken sensor or relay. The CCU is picking up a signal that is out of range. It is necessary to control the system of the tank and the air trap, it – with a pressure hose and then – to the pressure sensor.

Pressure hose problems are associated with:

  • blockage;
  • lack of tightness;
  • clamping;
  • twisting.

Error F4E0

Heater not found. The symbol appears when the rise in temperatures is not fixed, if the corresponding part is not working, open or burned out. Sometimes the sensor does not work or the connection is lost


The door does not open for 3 consecutive cycles or the door switch is defective. This happens when it is locked for more than five seconds. If the equipment is operating normally, a three-time beep will sound. The code also appears when the owner of the unit presses START and does not close the door. Then it is blocked for three cycles or has a defect.

Maytag washer F5E1 code

Door lock error F5E2

It appears if the machine tries to lock the door six times. Then the unit goes into pause mode. Should be checked for defects.


Occurs when the household appliance tries to unlock the door six times. If it does not open, the device goes into pause mode. It is required to check whether the lock is fixed. It is also worth checking its integrity.


Speaks of violation of the conduct of signals. It is also advisable to check the operation of the door switch. It is necessary to check the condition of the drive belt. It is also necessary to monitor the integrity of the cable. When F6E2 appears, you should connect, and also check the power supply a.


Indicates a violation of the drive speed detection or overload. If the motor speed is not accurately determined, the unit is switched off. Turning it quickly will lock the door for about 3 minutes. It is possible that the overload of the unit is also noted.

It is required to make sure that the system responsible for fasteners is removed. It is also important to control the rotation of the drum.

Error F7E2

Error F7E2

If the heatsink temperature is above 100°C, the system will cool down and then be ready to start again. The reasons are:

  1. Friction when there are obstacles to the rotation of the drum.
  2. Worn or defective parts in the drive system
  3. Incorrect washer installation.
  4. It is worth making sure that the household appliance is not near heat and is properly ventilated.
  5. Overloading him with clothes.


Broken steam inlet valve. It is necessary to check the correct connection of the device to the water supply. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the pipes for blockages, insufficient pressure or kinks. The functioning of this part should also be investigated.

Error F8E1

Water inflow is not fixed or the pressure switch is turned off. If the equipment does not respond to the flow of fluid within 13 minutes, then it is necessary to check its connection and the condition of the inlet hoses.

It is also worth checking the pressure or the presence of clogging of the tube mesh. It is also important to make sure that the drain is installed correctly and that fluid is free to move through it. The hose must not penetrate deeper than 113 mm into the drain.

It is important to monitor the previously mentioned connection. You must also make sure that the pressure hose does not have any defects.

Dispenser system error F8E2

Occurs when the dispenser motor does not reach the desired position. Then you should check its mechanical connection with the upper part.

Dispenser system error F8E2

Code F8E3

Appears with an excess of water or foam. If this happens, the valves will close and the drain pump will turn on after at least half a minute.

You should check them for leaks, make sure that the hose is in order, and the filter is free of foreign objects. It is also important to observe the air trap – pressure tube – pressure sensor circuit.

Error F8E4

The failure of the flow meter is displayed if less than 100 ml of water has entered the tank half a minute after the start of the test. In this case, it is worth checking the correct connection of the unit and the condition of its inlet hoses.

Error F9E1

Occurs with prolonged draining. If the period exceeds 8 minutes and no reset is detected on the pressure sensor, the valves close. The pump stops working. The washing machine removes water for 4 minutes, rests for another 5, and then is again freed from the liquid.


Appliance does not drain water. In normal times, its removal lasts less than 2 minutes. Therefore, it is required to check the condition of the hose, its connection to the pipe and its height (should not exceed 2.4 m). It is also worth checking the degree of filter cleaning. It is equally important to monitor the air trap – pressure tube – pressure sensor circuit.

Error F05 water temperature sensor

Occurs when heated in the wash cycle. If the indicators are out of tolerance, then it is necessary to check the serviceability of the part and its connections. It is also important to control the resistance.

Error F06

Appears when the drive tachometer malfunctions. The control system must correctly determine its speed and then the machine stops in time. With a high-speed spin, its door will open only after 3 minutes.

You need to make sure that the transport system, which includes bolts, spacers and cables, is removed. You should also check the wiring harness connection of the drive motor. It is equally important to trace the connections of the wiring harness and the door switch or lock. It is required to monitor the operation of the motor.

Error F07 engine control unit

Occurs when a short circuit is detected. Then, with a high-speed spin, the door will open after 3 minutes. It is also worth checking the wiring harness connection of the drive motor. It is also desirable to check the status of the microcontroller and the drive motor.

Error F09

Indicates an overflow. Then the door is blocked, and the drainage continues to work. The status does not change even if you press the Pause/Cancel button twice and clear the display.

To prevent this problem you need to:

  1. Close the taps and disconnect the household appliance from the mains.
  2. Check drain hose for blockage or kinks.
  3. Monitor the wiring harness circuit of the drain pump, pressure switch and CCU.
  4. Clean the filter.
  5. Investigate the work of the drain.
  6. Verify that the intake valve is in the correct position.
  7. Monitor the functioning of the pressure switch.

Error F10 of the MCU control unit and thermal shutdown of the radiator

When the thermal protection on the heatsink of the MCU exceeds the allowable values, the thermal protection of the heatsink opens. The motor stops. It is necessary to check the correct installation of the equipment, removing it from the heat source and providing full ventilation.

You should also check the wiring harness connection to the MCU, motor and CCU. It is also important to make sure that the motor, drive system and microcontroller are not worn out and work properly.

MCU control unit and thermal shutdown of the radiator

F11 Communication Sequence Error

Communication between the system is sometimes broken. Then you need to check the wiring harness connection. It is also worth examining the motor system, microcontroller, drive or central control unit for wear or malfunction.

It is also advisable to make sure that the harness on the MCU is installed correctly. The wires should be on the left side of the connectors.

Error F13 dispenser circuit

The part is not in the required position. It is necessary to check the mechanical connection of its motor with the upper part. It is important to check the engine itself, as well as the connection of the wiring harness.

Error F14

An error occurs when reading data when there is a power failure. Then to eliminate it, you need to disable the module for a couple of minutes. You should also check the central control unit.

F15 MCU Error

If several failures occur during the passage of the wash cycle, then it is required to investigate the wire connections. It is also important to examine the condition of the motor, microcontroller and drive belt.

FDU door unlock error

Appears no earlier than after 5 attempts. Most often, the lock mechanism is broken. It is also possible for foreign objects to get into it. It is also important to check the wire connection. If they fail, the door can be unlocked manually.

FDL door lock error

FDL door lock error

Appears when the door is not locked. Usually the lock mechanism is broken or removed. The defect of the switch is not excluded. You should also check the wiring connection.

Sud SUDS LOCK error

Associated with an excess dose of detergent. The engine control unit determines the need for foam blocking by examining the current used by the drive motor. An excess of foam occurs when there is an excessive amount of soap, an overload of the unit, or a breakdown of the pump.

If there is an abundance of powder, it is necessary to run it through the rinse and spin cycle. Then you need to use the usual stage without detergent. Then the household appliance can be washed.

You should also check the condition of the drain hose for blockages or kinks. It is also required to check the wire connections, as well as clean the drain filter. It is important to examine the condition of the relay, drain and central control unit.