Samsung washer error code DOOR

If you noticed the DOOR Error code on the display of your Samsung device, don’t panic, as in most cases the problem is pretty easy to solve. With this code the ma-chine is telling you you have some issues with the door, and the same error can be indicated by Ed, dE, dE1 and dE2 codes depending on the model of your appliance.

What can cause the Door Error?

Usually, this code is shown on the control panel at the very beginning of the washing cycle, accompanied by whether the inability to close the hatch door or lock it. If the device indicates the same error on the other stage of the washing process then most likely you won’t be able to open the door after the laundry is completed.

There may be several reasons, causing the Door Error in your device, such as:

  • Blockage of the door by a foreign object;
  • Malfunction of the control unit;
  • Breakage of the door or its lock.

How to fix the Door Error?

It will be pretty easy to solve the problem in the first two cases. Make sure there is no foreign object blocking the door from closing or locking. Carefully examine the door and cuff. If you found nothing, switch off and unplug your washer for 10-15 minutes, as the code indication could be caused by a one-time malfunction in the control panel and the restart of the device might be able to help in resetting the error.

If none of the above steps helped, then probably the problem is in the lock or hook of the hatch door, and you will need to replace it. It is necessary to inspect the lock and see whether the hook is in order, also check all the contacts of the hatch locking device, some of them could have burnt out or just disconnected during the washing process.

If you see that the hook is out of order and needs to be replaced, you can do it on your own, as it is pretty easy. Simply unscrew the fixing bolts, detach the plastic protection, and the damaged hook, replace it with the new one.

For changing the whole lock, it is better to contact a professional repairman, but if you decided to do it yourself, you have to be very careful when disconnecting the lock from all the wires and take pictures, which will help you to install the new one properly.