Electrolux washer e13 error

Electrolux washer e13 error

It often happens that Electrolux washing devices face a problem – the error E13. It signals that the water has leaked to the tray. You can check this manually. Most likely, in the case of the Electrolux washing machine has a crack, which appeared as a consequence of its long-term operation. The flow nozzles and door seals are vulnerable to leakages as well.

What else?

In addition, the wires leading to the leakage sensor can cause short circuit. The sensor is located on the washing machine pallet. The device is quite simple: the center of the pallet has a slot where all the water drains to. The sensor is embedded in this slot. When the water fills the slot, the float (an ordinary piece of foam) rises and closes the sensor circuit.

How to fix it

It is unlikely to cope with this kind of breakdown without professional help. You will need to have professional skills, experience in similar repairs and special equipment. It is best to seek help only from specialists with a high level of qualification.