Haier washing machine error 5

Haier washing machine error 5

This message signals that the washing machine is not filling properly, and the water fails to reach the water level within the time specified by PCB software.

Cause 1. Low water pressure in the plumbing system or the tap is turned off.

Be sure that the tap is on and check water pressure. If it is low, wait until it reaches the normal level.

Cause 2. The hose is not providing proper connection between the washing machine and the tap.

Check the hose for leaks, make sure it is connected. If necessary, reconnect it.

Cause 3. The end of the drain hose is below 80cm above the floor. This may impede the inflow of water from the plumbing system, because some water is draining out at the same time.

Make sure the drain hose is connected to the machine at 80-100 cm above the floor level.

Cause 4. The drain hose’s end is in water when the machine is trying to fill. The water in the pump won’t let fresh water in.

Fix the drain hose above the water level.

If the error is still there, disconnect the machine from the plumbing system (or turn off the tap) and mains and call your local technical service provider.