Hoover washing machine error code e03

Hoover washing machine error code e03

If you see the fault code on the display and are not sure what it is, please, check the control panel. Most likely, you will see the E03 error code make three flashes, pause, and then make another three flashes, there is a problem. The code means that your machine is unable to drain properly.

This problem can be indicated by different error codes.

Diagnosing and fixing it

This may be due to a problem in the drain filter, drain pump or systems regulating these components’ work. Particularly, it is advisable to check the following:

  • Turn off and disconnect your Hoover machine from the mains.
  • Clean the drain filter. Before removing it, spread a towel close by to prevent flooding.
  • Check the drain pump for obstructions and remove them, if any.
  • Check the drain hose for obstructions and remove them, if any.
  • Make sure the wiring around the pump is not loose or damages and all contacts are clean.
  • Make sure that the drain pipe is not blocked.

If you have just bought and fixed your Hoover machine, make sure that the drain pipe under your sink is not capped. Drain pipes are capped in order to prevent a leak in cases whereby no washing machine is used. Prior to connecting your washing machine to the drain pipe, remove the cap and put it in a safe place (or sellotape it to the drain pipe, so it will always be there).

If you have unblocked the drain pump, but the error is still there, not unlikely, the pump has burnt and you have to replace it. This can require professional help. If the pump is all right, the error code will disappear.

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