How to open a locked door in Maytag washer

Whirlpool Corporation, which owns the American brand Maytag, produces reliable household appliances, but sometimes problems happen with it, which you should not be afraid of. One of the common situations is the inability to open the lid. At the same time, the door lock indicator flashes. Fortunately, the problem is easy to fix.

A flashing light and a blocked lid indicate one of the three most common problems. The first is that there is still water left in the machine, the washing cycle is not over. The second is a problem with the locking mechanism (something has caught on, or debris has accumulated). The last reason is that the system responsible for blocking the lock is not supplied with electricity. Along with a flashing indicator, error codes are displayed on the screen, which are decoded in the instructions for a specific Maytag model.

Troubleshooting Maytag washer

To diagnose the condition of the washing machine, you need to perform a few simple steps that most users can do. Before starting work, be sure to unplug the appliance from the mains so that it does not start washing while you fix the problem.

First steps

If you cannot open the washing machine, do not rush to call the master. First, follow these guidelines:

  1. After completing the wash cycle, leave the appliance at rest for 5 minutes. During this time, the lid can unlock itself.
  2. If the problem persists, restart the drain or spin cycle. There may be some water left in the tank, and you need to completely remove it. After draining is complete, wait 5 minutes and then try to open the door.
  3. If point 2 fails, unplug the washing machine and drain the water manually. To do this, pull out the emergency drain hose and remove the plug. Lower the hose into a bucket or basin. After 20 minutes, try to open the lid of the device.
  4. If the door is still locked, you will have to open it mechanically with a screwdriver, pliers or spatula. The latter helps to bend the locking tab to the side and open the latch.

You will open the door in one of these ways, but if the cause is not corrected, the problem may return after each wash cycle. What do you need to do next?

Cover check

Cover check

The easiest thing you can do is to inspect the cover and make sure it is locked by the system. Perhaps something else is preventing it from opening, not related to electronics.

There is one important detail in the locking mechanism – the striker. This is a metal plate that facilitates the passage of the locking tongue. If the striker is warped or misaligned, there will be difficulty unlocking the door. Solution to the problem: return the part to the correct position.

If the striker is removed, the washing machine will operate with the lid unlocked, but this is not safe.

If the door does not lock, there is a problem with the locking mechanism. Most often this occurs due to the accumulated lint, hair and debris around the striker or lock. Dirt builds up and hardens, which prevents the lid from fully closing and locking. The problem is solved by cleaning all parts of the lock with a mild detergent and a sponge.

After completing the above steps, connect the washing machine and try to start it. If problems with the lid locking remain, additional diagnostics should be carried out.

Water level problem

Other problems and methods for their solution

During operation of the washing machine, the electricity may turn off. The door will then lock automatically. This is normal and designed for the safety of the user. The door will open after the power is supplied and the wash is completed.

Water level problem

If there is even a little water left in the washing machine, even at the bottom, the door will be blocked. Check the drain hose, it may be clogged and the water is draining too slowly.

Also, the drain hose may not be installed correctly, causing a siphon effect. Water is not collected to the desired level, because part of it is constantly discharged into the sewer. The wash cycle increases and the lid stays locked for a long time. The solution to the problem is to raise the drain hose to a height of 1-1.5 m from the floor level and install a check valve (anti-siphon).

Each washing machine has a sensor that scans the water level. It detects if there is water in the system and gives a signal to open the door only when the drum is empty. Failure of this element causes the door to not open. The solution is to replace the sensor.

Inlet hose problem

Inlet hose problem

Errors are sometimes displayed on the screen of the washing machine, which indicate problems with the flow of water filling the drum. The sensor mentioned above detects whether water flows through both inlet hoses. If one of them is clogged or works partially, the sensor will not send a message to the control panel to start washing. The lid will lock and the machine will start draining the water.

Your actions: unplug the device from the network. Check both inlet hoses to make sure they are connected to the hot and cold water taps, are in the “on” position, and are not kinked or clogged. After diagnosing and cleaning the hoses, connect the washing machine and restart it.

Do not attempt to change the settings of the washing machine if it has already started a wash cycle. This will cause the lid lock indicator to blink. This is common on Maytag top-loading machines.

Crash in control panel

If the control board is faulty, it cannot determine whether the lid lock is locked or not, and accordingly does not issue an unlock command. The first step in such an electronic failure is to reboot the system. To do this, unplug the washing machine for 1 minute and then plug it back in.

A full factory reset may also help. But if the electronic board is broken, you will have to reflash it or reset the programmer. The most severe case is the need to replace the control node. For this, it is best to call the wizard.

Do not attempt to change the settings of the washing machine if it has already started a wash cycle. This will cause the lid lock indicator to blink. This is common on Maytag top-loading machines.

Drive motor problem

If it breaks, the lid does not open, because the system cannot generate an electrical impulse. Also, weak wiring sometimes becomes the cause of incorrect operation of the electric motor. In this case, you need to troubleshoot the electrical network and repair / replace the electric motor.

Drive motor problem

Frequently Asked Questions

How to open Maytag washing machine door?
Disconnect the appliance from the mains and reconnect after a few minutes. Start the “drain and spin” mode. The door will open as soon as all the water comes out of the drum. If this does not happen automatically, drain the water in emergency mode.


How to disable the lid lock on the Maytag washing machine?
Press the start/pause button on the control panel and wait a few minutes for the wash cycle to stop. The lid should open.


Is it possible to forcefully unlock the lid lock on Maytag?
Yes, this can be done if the display does not show other errors, and if there are no breakdowns in the control panel elements. Press the button to cancel or end the cycle. After a couple of minutes, the door should open.


What is the cost of repairing a lid lock?
The total cost of the part and the services of the master is 100-200 dollars.


Can a washing machine work without a lock?
Yes, if you remove the lid lock mechanism, the appliance will work. But for safety reasons, it is better not to do this, since the door may open during the wash cycle.


Where is the water level sensor (pressure switch) located in the washing machine?
In modern models, it is most often located under the top cover of the case. The pressure switch looks like a round plastic washer with a long tube; it is easy to find it in the design of a washing machine.