How to open door locked in Whirlpool washer

An extremely unpleasant situation when the door of the Whirlpool washing machine is jammed and will not open. When it is necessary to put clothes in order, or if the washed clothes turn sour in the drum – in both cases, the usual functioning of household appliances is so necessary.

It happens that the user does not wait for the complete completion of the wash, and when the timer is set to zero, he immediately goes to get the clothes. Doing so is strongly discouraged. After all, the washing machine unlocks the door after 2 – 3 minutes. After zero on the timer. If you try to open the cover earlier, this may cause a malfunction of the control system or breakage of the door mechanisms.

In the case when time has passed, and the door has not opened, you should look for a problem in another object.

door locked in Whirlpool washer

There are several reasons why the washer door does not unlock, and a light flashes above it, indicating an error. Before embarking on a comprehensive troubleshooting, it is worth trying out a few of the most common tips.

In any case, do not pull the door of the device strongly. This will inevitably lead to more damage and increase the cost of repairs.

  1. The door lock system is equipped with a thermal plate, which, when stressed, may deform and prevent the latch from working to open the cover. If you unplug the machine from the power supply for at least 10 minutes, this will cool the plate and resume its normal state.

If such a problem occurs very often, it is better to turn to specialists who will replace the parts that have failed.

  1. Some Whirlpool models have a cable for emergency opening of the door. The cable is located at the back of the device near the drain filter. It is clearly visible, as it is painted in a bright catchy color. For emergency opening, lightly pull on the end of the cable.
  2. If there is liquid left in the drum, you can try to force the machine to get rid of it. To do this, press the “Spin and drain” keys. If all else fails, you need to remove the drain pump and put it on the floor so that the water flows out by itself.

Some models are equipped with an emergency drain pump, which is designed for such force majeure situations.

If none of the above methods helped, you will have to look further, up to disassembling the car. The problems of a blocked door are described below, both in a device with a vertical type of loading of laundry, and with a front one.

Breakage of cover mechanisms

Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine

The first vertical machines were not equipped with lid locks. It was convenient and not dangerous, because the water still would not pour out, and things would not fall out of the tank.

Modern manufacturers have decided to improve such a primitive mechanism and add lid locks to it. This is more reliable, but at the same time sometimes gives a headache to users. After all, covers with such locks often break, or even do not want to open at all at the most inopportune moment.

How to find the cause of a broken cover in a Whirlpool washing machine and fix it yourself? Let’s try to understand in more detail.

Breakage of cover mechanisms

The top loading lid is equipped with special mechanisms that block it before starting the wash. The first step is to check if these mechanisms are in order. Indeed, after frequent use, the parts that block access to the tank may move from their original location.

In order to assess the situation and understand exactly what has shifted, you should use a multimeter.

Faulty board

Faulty board

In rare cases, the control system can detect a microscopic gap between the lid and the wall of the machine and block access to the drum. The method of turning off the power supply for a few minutes should help.

If the board is broken, it may not detect if the cover is closed or not. Such a breakdown can only be repaired in a specialized center for the repair of household appliances.

Voltage interruptions

It is possible that the breakdown is caused by insufficient mains voltage or its complete shutdown for a short time.

It is worth waiting at least two or three minutes for the control to adjust itself and work in the usual way.

Voltage interruptions

Drive motor failure

The actuator motor is located at the bottom, at the rear of the machine. After the back panel is removed, carefully inspect the wires leading to the part. Damaged, loose wiring is repaired or replaced.

If the wires are not damaged and there are no disconnected, the motor itself may have broken. It will need to be replaced with a new one.

Clogged drain

One of the common reasons why the system is blocking the lid is the presence of water left in the machine tank. In order for the liquid to be pumped freely, all components of the drain must be clean and not clogged.

The drain system is checked according to the following algorithm of actions:

  • the machine is moved away from the wall in order to gain free access to its rear wall;
  • remove the rear protective panel;
  • disconnect the drain pipe and check it inside for debris;
  • take out the filter, clean it under running water.

After the parts are cleaned and put in place, press the “Drain” button and wait for the end of the cycle. If the cover does not open, the drain pump may need to be repaired or replaced because it is broken.

Clogged drain

Malfunctions in the Whirlpool front-loading washing machine

The front car has slightly different problems with the door lock. The first step is to turn off the network supply for a couple of minutes. This will restart the control panel and return to normal operation. If the door still does not open, then the problem is not related to the auto-control system.

Water access to the device

Clothes thrown into the drum, but the wash does not start? Often the problem lies in the mistake of the users themselves. The water in the house was blocked due to the long absence of the owners or before the repair work, but they forgot to open it back.

You need to check if water is coming in and restart the machine. To restart, press the “Wash” – “Spin” – “Contamination” keys in turn. Repeat the method three times.

If the key combination worked, the machine will make a buzzing sound and a flashing error code will appear on the panel. After 10 minutes the buzzing should stop. Immediately press “Power” in order to reboot the panel.

Clogged drain hose

A clogged pump can also cause the door to lock on the front model. You need to get to the drain hose and check if there are small clothes or other objects stuck inside.

If everything is in order, and pressing “Spin and drain” did not work, you should pay attention to the functioning of the pump. A failed pump needs to be replaced with a working one.

Clogged drain hose

Faulty door switch

Before each wash, the door of the front-loading machine is blocked with a special security lock, which insures the user against unforeseen flooding of the apartment and equipment breakdown.

If the multimeter indicates indicators that do not meet the standards, you can try to open the door through the panel:

  • prepare the tools necessary for disassembly (wrench, set of screwdrivers);
  • disconnect the device from the water supply and power supply;
  • move the car away from the wall;
  • unscrew some screws on the rear top panel;
  • slightly raise the panel and pull it towards you to remove it;
  • find a door lock (it will be visible from the top side, to the right of the door);
  • Gently pull on the drop-shaped tongue until the characteristic click of the opening door.

A frequently occurring situation with an emergency door lock indicates a complex breakdown of some component. It is better to immediately turn to a good specialist who will professionally deal with the cause of the breakdown and make a quality repair or replacement.