How to tackle the 5C error code on a Samsung washer

To recognize failures and malfunctions, household appliances signal various error codes. Finding out the meaning is very easy. To do this, you need to take the instruction manual or go to the Internet. The error code “SC” may appear in the Samsung washing machine, but few people know that it is actually “5C”. Usually this is a signal of problems with the drain, so you need to look for a malfunction there. Consider the most popular reasons for the appearance of the “5C” code and find out how to restore the performance of household appliances without involving a master.

The meaning of the code “5C” or “SC”

If you suddenly see a “5C” error, be sure to look for a problem in the drainage system. This is not just a problem of draining water, a malfunction can be hidden in any element of the drain system – from a pump to a blockage in a hose.

5C error code

Usually, before the appearance of the code, the technique begins to behave unusually. Associated signs that indicate problems with draining may be as follows:

  • water draining is slower than usual;
  • stop of work at an incomplete cycle, when water is still in the drum.

If you find an error code and these signs, then you need to deal with the drainage system. There are no other reasons for the malfunction.

Causes of the “5C” error

To know “where to dig”, you need to have some idea of ​​​​the model of your typewriter. To do this, you need to study the instruction manual, look at the diagrams, read the recommendations. Often it is possible to independently solve the problem with faulty equipment, without involving specialists. This will save time and money. Let’s analyze the most common causes of the error code.

Clogged pump filter

A drain pump is needed to pump water out of the tub between cycles and at the end of a wash. It pumps water from the drum into the drain hose and further into the sewer system. To prevent debris and other foreign objects from entering the drainage system, there is a special filter. It catches everything that should not fall into the elements of the machine during the pumping of water.

Clogged pump filter

The filter must be cleaned regularly. The more often you use household appliances, the more often you need to get and clean it. On average, it is enough to do this once every couple of months. In addition to foreign objects, the filter can become clogged with dirt, lint, and other debris.

When the filter becomes clogged, the drainage system will not be able to work properly. The flow of water will be weak and slow. If this happens, the technique will immediately respond with an error. The first thing you need to do is check and clean the filter.

Access is easy. To do this, you need to find a panel in the front, open it and there will be a drain filter. To find the part faster, use the instruction manual. Don’t forget to prepare rags and a bucket, as there may be water left inside that will run onto the floor as soon as you remove the filter.

After cleaning the filter, replace it and run a quick wash cycle to check. If this was the problem, then the machine will again work like new.

Blockage in the drain hose

When you check and clean the filter, it is possible that the error code will not go away, since the problem was not in it. The drain hose could also be the culprit. He has one simple task, to drain water into the sewer. It is located at the back of the equipment, connected at one end to the outlet valve, and at the other – to the sewer riser.

Blockage in the drain hose

Just like a filter, the drain hose can become clogged over time, dirt deposits can appear in it – all this will make it difficult to pump water. If the technician realizes that the water is not leaving or is doing it slowly, it will notify you that there are problems in the drainage system.

To check this, you need to disconnect the machine from the mains, turn off the water and move the equipment back to access the necessary parts. Next, you need to disconnect the drain hose, for this, prepare rags and a bucket, as the remaining water can pour onto the floor. Clean the hose, check for blockages and reinstall it. If it is very old, and it was not possible to clean the part normally, then you can replace it with a new one.

Before repairing or checking individual parts of household appliances, always disconnect it from the power source so as not to receive an electric shock. This can not only injure, but also lead to death.

Once the drain hose is in place, run a quick wash cycle to check. If this was the problem, then the machine will again drain the water normally and the error code will not appear.

Drain hose kinked

Another very common problem is when the drain hose is too pressed against the wall or twisted in such a way that the flow of water is simply blocked. Then the technique will again show you “5C” and refuse to work.

Drain hose kinked or kinked

To check this, you need to move the equipment away from the wall. Perhaps you pushed it too close, because of which the hose simply kinked and does not let water through. In this case, you just need to install the equipment a little further from the wall so that the hose is in a free position and nothing blocks the water.

If the hose is twisted, then the water will also not be able to drain normally. You need to return it to its normal free position.

When installing the washing machine, do not push it tightly against the wall. Because of this, the inlet and drain hoses will be pinched. The machine will not be able to fill and drain water in normal mode.

Also check if anything has fallen on the hose, it is quite soft, so even a not very heavy object can press it, blocking the flow of water.

How to remove the error code

It happens that the cause of the error has been eliminated, but it still remains on the screen. To remove it, you need to make sure that all problems with the drainage system are eliminated. Then restart the washing machine.

remove the error code

To do this, you can press the power button or completely disconnect the equipment from the network for a few seconds. When enabled, a reboot will occur, the error code should disappear. If you have previously disconnected it from the power source, which is always recommended before repair, then the error should go away.

If it reappeared, most likely you did not find and eliminate the cause of the error. In this case, it is better to contact a specialist to troubleshoot and troubleshoot.

How to reset a Samsung machine

If a code appears, you checked the drainage system, but everything is in order, there may be a software failure. Try doing a factory reset. To do this, you need to take several steps:

  • disconnect equipment from the network;
  • leave it off for a few minutes;
  • connect the equipment to the power source and turn it on.

reset a Samsung machine

If it was a software failure, all errors will be reset. If the problem was in the faulty elements of the machine, then at startup they will reappear. Do not ignore error codes, because this way you can quickly fix a minor failure. In the future, it can result in costly repairs if nothing is done.

How to run self-diagnosis

Modern household appliances are very smart. Most models can carry out self-diagnostics, identifying all problems in operation. To do this, start the diagnostic mode. Step by step start looks like this:

  1. Turn on the power button.
  2. Press the “Delay start” and “Soil level” buttons at the same time.
  3. Hold them for a few seconds until the zeros light up.
  4. Scroll the watch face until you reach the letter “D” on the monitor. All error codes that the machine detects will be reflected there.
  5. Write down the codes and find out what they mean.

When you find out what problems there are in the operation of the equipment, you can easily fix everything. Often you can do it yourself, but if you are not sure that you can handle it, contact the experts. If the machine did not show any error codes during self-diagnosis, then everything is in order with it.

Samsung washer run self-diagnosis

Checking equipment after repair

When you have fixed the problem, you need to check the operation of household appliances. To do this, you need to start the wash cycle and wait until the very end without interrupting. Only in this way will you be able to understand that the problem has been fixed and performance has been restored.

If you decide to interrupt the wash cycle, you will not be able to test all the functions of your home appliances. So you can miss the malfunction and the next time you start washing, it will fail again, and an error code will appear on the monitor.

When household appliances signal a problem. Restart it first. If the error code appears again, then you need to look for the cause and repair it. Thanks to our tips and tricks, you can try to restore the machine to work with your own hands.