Indesit washing machine error f05

Indesit washing machine error f05

For electronic washing machines (the ones with electronic display) – error F05 is displayed.

In the Indesit washing machines with knob control – program knob (program selection knob) rotates (turns) and the POWER / START indicator flashes 5 times with a pause.

For electronic washing machines without a display:

washing machine error f05 display

washing machine error f05 display 2

Error description: Malfunction of the drain pump. Issues with water draining.

Signs of malfunction

Washing machine does not drain the water. The machine does not rinse or squeeze the laundry.

Independent measures (examination, repair)

  • Check drain filter for clogging. Make sure to rotate the drain pump impeller – it has to move with effort;
  • Check the sewerage for clogging.

Repair and replacement

  • Replacement of the drain pump;
  • Repair of the control module if it is out of order;
  • Check the operation of the pressure switch (water level sensor).