Indesit washing machine h20 error code

Indesit washing machine h20 error code

You started the machine, but almost at the very beginning of the washing cycle (5 – 10 minutes after start) the process is suspended and you can see H20 error code on the display of the Indesit washing machine. In this case, before the appearance of the error, the machine could have “behaved” as follows:

  • it did not fill the water at all;
  • it filled very little water;
  • on the contrary, it filled too much water;
  • it was continuously filling water.

In rare situations, the washing was fine and the error revealed itself in the rinse mode. Our practice includes the cases when error H20 appeared only in certain programs of the washing or rinsing cycles, or randomly appeared and disappeared without a clear pattern.

If you try to run a drain and spin program separately with this error on the Indesit washing machine, then it will spin. That is, H2O does not affect the spinning in any way.

Note: If your Indesit machine displays error code H20 in combination with some other error, for example, with F08 or F01 errors, then the root cause of the fault needs to be found in that “other”error.

Error description

H2O is the formula of water in the language of chemistry, i.e. this error indicates the issue with water. Error H20 in the Indesit washing machine indicated that during the allotted time the machine could not fill enough water for washing or rinsing because of some kind of malfunction. “Enough water” can mean both shortage of water and the overflow, when during the allotted time Indesit fills more water into the drum than required.

Error H20 – how to fix it by yourself

If your Indesit washing machine displays error code H20 on the control display, do not rush to call a serviceman. In some cases, you can deal with the error on your own.

  • The water supply is blocked. Make sure that the water supply valve is fully open. If the tap is shut, then water will not come into the machine at all. If it is not fully open, the water will be filling the drum slowly, which can also lead to an error.
  • There is no water in the house. Check if there is water in the house pipes. If not, solve the problem of water supply – the washing machine has nothing to do with it.
  • Low pressure in the water supply. Usually it leads to a long water intake and then to the error H2O. As with the previous case, solve the issue with the water supply of the apartment or house.
  • Mesh filter from the inlet valve is clogged. Plastic mesh filter is located near the valve in the place of connection of the water hose to the washing machine – it protects the washing machine from debris contained in tap water. The filter might be clogged over time and water might not get into the drum effectively. To clean it up, unscrew the water hose using a pair of pliers, carefully remove the filter and rinse it under the tap water. It will also be useful to put the filter-mesh into a solution of citric acid for 15 – 20 minutes – you will get rid of not only the debris, but also of the lime scale.
  • Incorrect drain connection. If your Indesit washing machine continuously fills water, and then displays error H20, then the first thing to check is whether there is a self-drain. Before connecting to the sewage system, the drain hose should be raised to a height above the drum level, otherwise the water will escape from the machine and it will continuously add water. Hang the end of the drain hose on the tub or toilet and try to start the washing. If the error disappears, then the reason is as mentioned above. You can find a detailed guide to proper connection of your Indesit model to the sewer in the user’s manual. If you cannot connect the washing machine on your own, you can use our service for installing washing machines.
  • Control or display card failure. If error H20 appears for the first time, it may well be that this is a one-time failure of the control or indication card of the washing machine. Try to reset the error by pulling the plug out of the outlet for 10–15 minutes, and then turn it on again. High humidity indoors affects the electronic components of the washing machine and increases the risk of such failures.

Nothing helps, and your Indesit washing machine continues to display error H20 during washing or rinsing? It seems that there was a breakdown and you cannot do without the help of a serviceman.