Kenmore washer f24 error code

Kenmore washer f24 error code

Most Kenmore washing machines feature electronic control panels, which signal the machine’s status and problems, if any. In the latter case, the system uses error codes referring to particular issues. For example the F24 code signals a problem with the water temperature sensor, as well as some other issues.

The temperature sensor keeps track of the water’s temperature, so that it does not fall below or exceed a wash cycle’s set parameters. The sensor may shut down the machine when water gets dangerously hot due to poor wiring or other malfunctions.

Also, the error code may appear due to an obstruction or another type of problem in the tubes, which supply water to the tub. Not infrequently, machines read this issue as a temperature sensor problem and display the code.

To fix the problems, switch off the machine and disconnect it from the mains. Check the water inlet hose for obstructions. If necessary, remove and clear it. Be sure that inlet water faucets are on and there is water flowing into the system.

Last, but not least, is the harness: a problem in it can result in the F24 code appearing on the display. This may require professional help.

Fixing it

When you see the F24 code for the first time, press Pause/Cancel twice, change the wash cycle and press Start.

If the code appears again, press Pause/Cancel twice again and cancel the washing. Switch off and unplug it and wait for about 30 minutes. Plug it back in, try a cycle and check the display. Not unlikely, the code will not appear again.

However, if the error is still there, test the temperature sensor using an Ohm meter. If it shows resistance, replace the sensor. This requires some equipment and experience. If you do not have any, please, contact your technical service provider.

How Do I Replace the Water Temp Sensor?

The temperature sensor is placed close to the center bottom region, right in front of the tub. If you have some experience, you can get a new sensor and fix the problem yourself.

Unplug the machine and turn off the inlet water tap. Undo the two screws on the lower front access panel’s bottom, push the panel downward and remove it. Check the sensor’s wiring: not unlikely, it has gotten loose or there is a disconnection. Strengthen all loose connections and reconnect wires, if necessary.

If the connections are all right, there may be a problem with the sensor itself. Disconnect all wires and gently remove the sensor. To get a new sensor, contact your technical service provider and buy a new one. Install the new one and put the panel back in its place.