LG washer error code CE

LG Washing Machines Error Code CE

If your LG washer has suddenly stopped the process and started indicating the CE Error code on the display, it means that the motor of your device is overloaded.

In fact, the CE code may reflect the failure of completely different parts of the ma-chine. To repair the washer, you need to carefully study and identify the cause.

What can cause the CE Error?

If a CE error occurs during the washing or spin cycle, the weight of the loaded laundry may exceed the permissible weight.

It is possible that the electronic controller (control board) has malfunctioned.

The CE error is displayed at the beginning of the laundry phase, even when starting the machine without laundry, and is accompanied by the smell of burnt plastic, then the malfunction has occurred in the motor of the device.

The device is noisy, and you can hear the metal rustle. The code may occur during the washing or wringing phase. This means that the bearing is worn out due to moisture or just a too long service life. If the damage has occurred recently, the error code will appear during the whirl cycle.

If the code appears during the washing, rinsing or wringing and the drum is not acting normally, then the cause might be in the Hall Sensor malfunction.

Another possible explanation for this error is the failure of the control panel. In this case, you can see the code during any stage of the cycle and it can be accompanied by an unpleasant smell around the control unit.

How to fix the CE Error?

turning the machine off

The first thing you have to do is to switch the device off and unplug it for 10-15 minutes. If the code remains on the display, unload the laundry and place less into the drum. Try to resume the process.

If it doesn’t help, you let better contact the service center, as the repair or replace-ment of stator, bearing or hall sensor may be required.

to repair the burnt-out parts

In case the reason is in the control panel, it is very important to repair the burnt-out parts of the unit, or to change the whole board.