LG washer error code dHE

LG Washing Machines Error Code DHE

There is a group of error codes, which can only appear on the control panel of the LG washing machines with the dryer functions. One of these codes is dHE, which signalizes about the issues with the heating system of your device.

What can cause the dHE Error?

So your appliance indicated the dHE code after terminating the drying cycle. During the washing process, everything was fine, but now your laundry is wet and your machine refuses to work. There might be several reasons for this situation.

First of all, this may be caused by the clogged fan and the tubes, through which the hot air reached the tank.

clogged fan LG washer

The DHE Error can also be caused by the malfunction of some components of the heating and drying system, including heating element and fan itself.

Another reason might be in the control panel, which has a lot of electronic elements, and one or several of them can be out or order.

How to fix the dHE Error?

To begin with, turn off and unplug your device. Examine the fan, its tubes, and connections. Clean them all from dirt and cliffs if there are any. Switch your appliance on in 10-15 minutes and try to start the cycle. If everything goes well, the problem is solved, but if your device starts indicating dHE Error code during the drying cycle again — it means some of the machine’s components need to be repaired or even replaced.

If you noticed signs of damage on your fan while cleaning it, call the specialist and he will be able to repair a broken blade or cooler. In case the replacement is needed, it is a pretty simple and not expensive thing for a professional, so your problem will be solved fast and easy.

The more serious explanation of the error can be in the heating element malfunction. It could simply overheat and stop working, and in this case, the only way is to substitute it with the new one.

LG heating element malfunction dHE Error

If everything is in order, but the code is still shown on the screen, check the control panel and all its wires and connections some of them might be burned out and need a reinstallation. When there are issues with electronic components of your appliance it is better to consult with the repairman, as it can be pretty difficult to properly diagnose and fix the failure.