LG washer error code DR

The DR Error code on the control panel of your modern LG washing machine sig-nalizes your device has some issues with the door. On the elder models of the brand’s appliances, this problem is indicated by the blue blinking of all the lights.

What can cause the DR Error?

So your machine doesn’t respond to any commands, and can’t start the program, because the door can’t be locked. It might be caused by several issues, affecting the node of your door’s lock.

lg washer latch to the lock

  • First of all, the lock itself may be damaged. In this case, the main unit of the ma-chine does not receive the signal to start the cycle.
  • Another explanation can be in the loosened loops on your door, which leads to the skewness of the hinge and misplacement of the latch to the lock.
  • The DR code can also occur if the hatch is broken or if there is a loss of contact be-tween the lock and the control unit.

How to fix the DR Error?

First of all, switch your device off for 10 minutes and then restart it. If the code is still in the display, check the rubber seal around the hatch, try to lock the door with more effort — maybe be it just needs some more pressure.

 LG washer rubber seal

If everything is fine with the cuff and seal, examine the lock itself — in can be clogged (in this case you will only need to clean it) or the pin can be stuck (then just fix it manually).

If these steps didn’t help and the DR code is still indicated on the display, you will most like have to contact the professional who will carry out all the necessary re-pairs or replacements.

The malfunction of the lock can not be fixed, the o my way to deal with it is chang-ing the lock itself. If the issue is in the handle, and you don’t hear the click sound when closing the door, then the handle also has to be replaced.

The most serious reason for the DR Error code is the failure of the control module and the loss of the signal. In this case, the code may occur on the control panel dur-ing any stage of the washing cycle, not necessarily in the beginning. An experi-enced specialist is able to properly diagnose the control unit and carry out the rein-stallation of the damaged elements, or the whole module.