LG washer error code OE (repair)

LG washer error code OEYou started washing and after some time found out that your LG washing machine displayed the OE error code on the screen and stopped working, being full of water. This error appears on the stage of washing or rinsing.

LG washers which are not equipped with a screen could signal the error in the following way:

  • all rinse indicators are blinking at the same time
  • no spin and spin indicators of 800 and 500 turnovers are lighting or blinking at the same time

How to decipher an error code OE LG Washer

The OE error code means that LG washer for some reason didn’t cope with draining of water from a tank in time (different models need to complete this action from 5 to 8 minutes). The error may be caused by minor problems, which can be removed by your own, or serious malfunctions that require professional help of a specialist.

First of all, you have to drain the water from the machine and pull out laundry.

The error code OE of LG washer: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

  • Check the washer’s drain hose for clogging or bending.
  • If the washer’s drain is led to sinking siphon, check the connection point of a drain hose to the sewage system. Often the siphon knee buckling prevents the water drainage from the machine. It causes the error.
  • Check a sewage system for an object of blockage, especially if the washer is drained through a separate sewer pipe.
  • Check the washer’s pump filter for an object of blockage. For this, you have to unscrew the plug, located in a small flap in front of the washer’s lower part.
  • It is not excluded, that the failure emerged in the washer’s control board (electronic controller). Turn off the machine from the outlet and try to turn it back in 10 – 20 minutes.

Possible malfunctions, which require repair

How NOT to install the drain hose

Cleaning the filter washer

In the table below you can view the list of the most common faults that lead to the OE error.

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
LG washer does not drain water and does not show the OE error code The drain pump is defective. It could be burnt because of small objects or voltage drops in the network. Drain pump replacing is required.
LG washer stops working full of water and displays the OE error on a screen. After manual water draining and trying to restart it – the machine does not get water. A water pressure sensor is out of order. It controls a level of water in a machine’s drum. The washer «does nor understand» how much water is in the tank and therefore the machine does not drain it. In some cases, the problem can be solved by purging the pressure sensor tube (in the case of its clogging). If it does not help, the pressure sensor replacement is required.
LG washer’s draining is broken and the screen shows the OE error code. During restarting (firstly, it is necessary to manually drain the water from a tank) the machine gets water and does washing before the first water drain, where it freezes and gives an error message. The washer’s drain pipe or pump is clogged. It often can be caused by coins, buttons and other small things. You need to disassemble the washer and clean the blockage.
The washer shows the OE error code and does not drain the water. A control unit (programmer or electronic controller) is out of order. It is a microcircuit and the “brain” of the washer. Usually, the chip elements that control the drain are burnt out. If the processor of control board works well, you have to replace the burnt elements and solder the burnt tracks of the board.
In another case, a complete replacement of the control unit is required.