LG washer error code PF

There are some codes in the system of your LG washer, which occur on the control panel to indicate not the device failure, but something else. One of such cases is the PF Error code, which means the power issues. This lettering can appear in the display during any stage of the cycle in the event of a voltage drop.

What can cause the PF Error?

If PF occurs just once, do not pay attention. It’s more likely that your lights have just been turned off. Press the Start button to continue the washing program or to start it from the beginning.

But if the PF error occurs again, the fault must be looked for in the washing machine itself. So if you see this code while doing laundry on one particular program each time it is used or during doing the laundry in any program or just constantly without a specific pattern, it means something’s wrong, either in the washing machine or the electricity that powers it.

In addition to these reasons, PF error can signalize about some malfunction inside the appliance itself. In particular, the wires in the power supply circuit connecting the noise filter and the electronic controller can be overlapped or disconnected. Because of this, the contact may disappear and the error may light up.

How to fix the PF Error?

Try to reset the error by turning the machine off and unplugging it for 10-15 minutes. The control board may have malfunctioned and will be ok again after the reset.

Make sure that the washer is plugged into electricity correctly and safely. The socket for the machine must be connected to a separate power supply line with its own stabilizer. The appliance must not be connected to the mains via extensions or sockets that are used for other household devices.

Examine the power cord and plug of the socket, they may be damaged and need replacing.

Check the mains voltage, as sometimes the PF code appears simply when the voltage is too low. If it’s your case, you need to contact an electrician.

Inspect the wire connections inside the machine

Inspect the wire connections inside the machine. It is possible that they have been disconnected or loosen, causing a loss of contact.

If these simple steps didn’t help in getting rid of the error code on the screen, then most likely the problem is in the washer itself.

In case the control module has failed, it can be repaired. Burnt out elements have to be replaced and the contacts have to be checked and strengthened. The reinstallation of the whole module may only be needed in rare cases.

The wiring inside the device, in the section between the control panel and the noise filter, may need fixing or replacement.

If the circuit of the power distribution is being knocked out during the washing pro-cess and after you bring it back the PF Error code appears on the control panel of your appliance, this might mean that the heating element is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Anyway, if you didn’t manage to fix the issue without disassembling the washer, we recommend you contact a professional, who will carry out all the necessary diag-nostics and repairs.