LG washer error code SE

LG Washing Machines Error Code SE
If your LG device indicates the SE Error code and the drum of the machine does not rotate on any of the programs (neither rinsing nor washing or wringing), that means you have issues with the Hall sensor, responsible for the drum spinning.

This error is typical for LG washing machines with direct drive (for example, LG F2M5HS6W, LG FH2G6HDS2), or for the belt-driven machines with a three-phase silent motor (e.g. LG FH2G6TD4, LG F2H9HS2W).

What can cause the SE Error?

After the launch of the washing cycle, the machine starts to pump water, but the process does not start and the error code SE appears on the display. If you try to assign other programs, you can see that the drum does not rotate on any of them (spin, wash, rinse).

The SE error indicates that a fault has occurred in the motor of the appliance. The machine does not spin the drum because the motor shaft does not rotate and the engine is not running. In most cases, the reason is in the failure of the Hall sensor, which is responsible for the proper rotation of the drum.

Despite this pretty serious explanation, the cause of the malfunction is not neces-sarily in the motor. Possibly it originated in a different part of the device.

It can be a malfunction of the control module or a problem with the wire connection between the engine and the unit. Even the damaged trunk can cause the SE Error.

The code only indicates the fact that the motor shaft can not rotate, but does not explain the specific cause. In some cases, it may be insignificant and can be quick-ly fixed.

How to fix the SE Error?

Start with turning off and unplugging your device for 10-15 minutes. Then run it again and if the code is still there, you will need a more thorough inspection.

You should check the wiring that goes to the control board from the motor and all connections in the motor itself. Sometimes it happens that some of the contacts are slightly loose and returning them to the place will help in fixing the situation.

If all the wires are ok, start examinations of the motor. You will have to disconnect it from the device and take it off. After you remove the back panel of the appliance, take off the best and unscrew the bolt, which a holding the engine. Disconnects all the wires and pull the motor off.
LG Washing Machines Error Code SE Hall sensor

Now find the Hall sensor. If you do not notice any visible damage, check it with the multimeter. If the indicated numbers are around 60 Ohm, then the detector is in or-der, if not — the tachogenerator has to be replaced.

If none of the above steps helped and the code is still indicated on the control panel, you should contact the customer support service, as the problem might be really serious.