LG washer error code UE

LG washer error code UE

The LG washing machine finished rinsing, it drained the water, but the spin did not start. The machine rotates the drum like during washing and rinsing, but it does not gain momentum. For some time it attempts to gain momentum and squeeze the laundry and then stops, “shows” error UE (capital letter U!) on the display and ends the washing program. Some LG models with control display can also display error uE (small letter u!) during the drum acceleration attempts.

  • depending on the model, some LG washing machines without a display might blink:
  • all indicators of spin
  • LED indicators #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Error description

distribution error washing machine washing machine LG

For some reason, the washing machine could not evenly distribute the laundry along the rotation axis of the drum. It is important to distinguish the errors uE and UE.

uE error (small letter u!) means that the LG machine detected load imbalance and tries to solve this problem on its own (by adding a little water and distributing the laundry on the drum walls). Error uE (small letter u!) is displayed for your information – no human action is required. The UE code (big letter U!) means that despite all the efforts to distribute the load along the drum axis, the machine could not do it – the issue requires your attention.

The error UE (big letter U!) on the display could have been caused by both minor issues, which can be solved by the owner himself, and by serious malfunctions. First of all, you should pay attention to the regularity of the error. If it appears from time to time, then most likely your washing machine is doing fine. But the appearance of error UE and the lack of spin in each wash indicate the malfunction of your LG washer.

UE error – how to fix it by yourself

  • Quite often, UE error is caused by an overload of the LG washing machine (for instance, you have put a large blanket in it) or, conversely, an insufficient load (1-2 small things). In such cases, you will not be able to “force” the machine to squeeze the laundry. Weight distribution control system will not let you to do this. The error itself is a normal reaction of the washing machine to a violation of the operation rules. Take some load off the machine (or vice versa put some more laundry) – it will start squeezing and the error will disappear.
  • Try to open the machine and put things in the drum more evenly. Sometimes the washing machine cannot lay out things of different weight automatically. Then start the spin again.
  • Use the horizontal marker to check if the machine stands evenly.
  • Perhaps there was a malfunction in the control unit (electronic controller) of the washing machine. Try to turn the machine off the grid and turn it back on after 10 to 20 minutes.