LG washing machine 0e error

LG washing machine 0e error

You started the washing and after a while discovered that your LG washing machine with control display indicated error OE on the screen and stopped full of water. This error appears during the washing or rinsing.

LG machines without a display can signal this error as follows:

  • all rinse indicators are on or blink at the same time
  • 800, 500 and No spin indicators (800 revs, 500 revs and No spin) flash or blink simultaneously.

Error description

pump drain lg washer

Error code OE means that for some reason the LG washing machine could not drain the water from the drum within the allotted time interval (in different models it varies from 5 to 8 minutes). The errors could be caused by minor problems that can be eliminated by the owner himself, as well as by serious malfunctions that require help of a professional serviceman.

First of all, it is necessary to drain the water from the washing machine manually and pull out the laundry.

Error OE – how to fix it by yourself

  • Check the drain hose of the washing machine for clogging or bending.
  • If the washing machine drains water to the siphon, check the connection of the drain hose to the sewer. Very often the blockage of the siphon knee prevents the water from draining from the machine and leads to the error.
  • Check the sewage system for blockage, especially if the washing machine is drained through a separate sewer pipe.
  • Check the washing machine pump filter for clogging. To do this, unscrew the filter plug, which is located in a small hatch on the front side of the washing machine in its lower part.
  • It is possible that it is a minor malfunction in the control board (electronic controller) of the washing machine. Try to turn off the machine from the outlet and turn it back on after 10 – 20 minutes.

Possible malfunctions requiring repair

In the table below, you will see a list of the most common faults that cause error OE.

Symptoms of error Probable cause Repair or replacement
LG machine does not drain water and displays error 0E The drain pump is out of order. It was burnt because of small items or voltage drops in the rower grid. The drain pump requires replacement.
LG washing machine stopped with the water inside and displayed error 0E on the display. After draining the water manually and trying to restart it – the machine does not fill water. The pressure switch (water pressure sensor) that controls the water level in the machine’s drum has failed. The washing machine “does not understand” how much water is in the drum and therefore does not drain it. In some cases, it is enough to blow the pressure switch hose (if it is clogged). In all other cases, level sensor replacement is required.
The drain does not work and error OE appears on the screen. If you try to restart the machine (having drained the water from the drum before), it fills water and washes until the first drain of the water, when it stops and displays the error. The drain hose or the pump of the washing machine is clogged. Quite often, the causes of clogging are coins, buttons and other small items. It is necessary to disassemble the washing machine and clean the clogging.
The washing machine displays error 0E and does not drain the water The control unit (programmer or electronic controller) is out of order – it is a microchip, which represents the “brain” of the washing machine. Typically, the chip elements that control the drain are usually the ones that burn out first.

If the processor of the control board works fine, then it is required to replace the burnt elements and solder the burnt tracks on the board.

Otherwise, a complete replacement of the control unit is required.