Maytag washer error code sd

Maytag washer error code sd

Using the correct amount and type of additives

The Sd error code means there is too much suds in the drum. Most likely, you have loaded too much detergent or are using the wrong one. Please, use a HE-labeled detergent (High Efficiency).

The excess suds will not let your washer spin properly. If you see the Sd (or Suds) error on the display, be ready to wait a longer while for the machine to complete the cycle. This happens because when there is too much suds in the drum, the machine pauses several times to add water and ensure better rinsing. The more suds there are in the machine, the longer it takes to eliminate them. Therefore, the cycle may extend for quite so long.

To avoid the problem in future, use a smaller amount of soap or switch to a HE-labeled one. If you have followed these recommendations, but the problem persists, run the Clean Washer cycle to eliminate the remaining suds. You may need to clean your washing machine.

Do not use “no splash” or “easy pour” liquid chlorine bleach, because they contain an agent, which creates more suds. Next time, please, use appropriate bleaches as advised in the manual. Also, you can clean your washing machine with affresh® prior to running it.