Maytag washing machine with code LF or water supply problem

When a Maytag brand washing machine stops functioning, the owner of the unit can narrow down the search for a breakdown by using the display, which shows all error codes. The codes signal specific problems with the equipment, which allows you to independently find and fix the problem without calling a specialist. The error codes displayed on the display depend on the model of washing equipment; for different brands, they have different designations. If the code LF is indicated on the Maytag washing machine, this means that the unit is experiencing problems with the flow of water.

What does the error on the LF monitor mean

On Maytag brand washing equipment, the LF error indicates that water does not fill the drum of the unit for the period of time that is entered in the control system of the equipment. In this case, the code only signals the owner about the problem but does not indicate why it arose. To eliminate the malfunction, you will have to act on your own, or call a qualified craftsman with specialized equipment to the house, who will diagnose the machine, find a breakdown and repair it.

What does the error on the LF monitor mean

Do-It-Yourself Troubleshooting Your Maytag Washer

Despite the fact that the LF error in Maytag brand washing machines is not serious enough and can be easily fixed, experts do not recommend doing repairs yourself, it is better to call the master. If there is no opportunity to call a specialized specialist, then you will have to work on your own.

The standard cycle of the Maytag washing unit has incorporated an automatic set and removal of water. The frequency of such cycles depends entirely on the program chosen for washing, then the technique obediently executes all the commands sent to it. But there are times when the machine stops taking in water, draws, but rather slowly or constantly drains the tank, and then refills it. The reasons for this behavior can be both external and internal, requiring immediate repair.

When self-repairing, the first step is to inspect the filter screens in the place where the water hoses are connected to the unit. The hoses must be removed from the back of the machine. Filter screens will be located inside the connections, they need to be inspected to make sure that the filters are clean and not clogged. If the grids are clogged, they need to be cleaned.

Troubleshooting Your Maytag Washer

Self-diagnosis of Maytag washing machines

Carrying out diagnostics in Maytag brand washing equipment is always done with extreme caution, as incompetence in this matter can lead to more serious malfunctions and financial waste. Diagnostic measures on the equipment of this brand are recommended to be performed in the following sequence:

  1. before work, you need to make sure that the equipment is connected to the mains, its indicators are off, and the device itself is in standby mode;
  2. for at least 3 seconds, you need to press and hold any button on the panel of the machine, except for “Start”, “Stop” and “Power”, this procedure is done several times;
  3. holding and releasing the button will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the diagnostic process immediately after all the indicators of the machine light up for 5 seconds, while the number 88 will be displayed on the temporary display;
  4. if it was not possible to enter the diagnostic mode, the procedure with holding the button should be repeated again, but already use another key, if this did not help, then you need to call the wizard;
  5. after entering the diagnostic mode, the saved failure codes will be displayed on the monitor, if there are no errors, then automatic testing of the equipment will begin in 5 seconds;
  6. during the diagnostics, it is necessary to write down all the breakdown codes in order to show them to a specialist later;
  7. To exit their diagnostic mode, press the “stop” button.

After completing the diagnostic measures, the remaining water must be drained from the machine, this should be done exclusively in manual mode, otherwise the settings established during testing can be knocked down. To remove water from the tank, you do not need to invent anything, this is done in the same way as always, not forgetting to disconnect the equipment from the electrical network.

Self-diagnosis of Maytag washing machines

The main causes of insufficient water intake

One of the simplest and most common reasons why a Maytag washing machine gives an LF error is a failure in the wash cycle program. To fix the problem, you need to check the mode in which the unit is currently operating. If the problem persists, the machine should be restarted by de-energizing it for fifteen seconds. If the equipment was faulty due to a controller failure, then when you turn it on again, the problem will resolve itself, and water will begin to fill the tank. Other reasons for the LF code to appear include the following:

  • blockage in the system (blockage of the fluid supply hose and filters is a common cause of slow or no water intake). The inlet filter element protects the equipment from debris accumulation coming from the water supply. If the filter becomes clogged, water will draw in slowly, sometimes accompanied by a buzzing sound. To restore normal operation, you need to unscrew the hose and clean the filter mesh, then make sure that the pipes and the hose are intact so that water does not flow under the equipment;
  • failure of the inlet valve (if the washing machine stops washing off the powder without residue, it means that the inlet valve is damaged). To eliminate the problem, the valve is removed from the machine and connected to the inlet hose, after which a current of 220 volts is sent to each of its coils. If the part is working, then when the electric current is applied, it opens, when the electricity is turned off, it closes. The coil winding constantly burns out, due to which the valve stops opening, but if it opens, then the problem may lie in the loss of elasticity by the membranes;
  • the pressure switch has broken (this device is responsible for supplying water to the washing machine, if scale appears in it or it becomes clogged, then the data starts to be given out erroneously or is not displayed at all on the display). To eliminate the malfunction, you need to disconnect the equipment from the network, unscrew the water hose, fix another hose in its place and blow it out. An audible click will appear when the water level sensor is operating. In addition, the control board may fail, which has lost the ability to correctly analyze data even from operable sensors;
  • UBL malfunction (all Maytag brand washing equipment is equipped with a blocking device that stops water intake when the equipment hatch is open). Invented this in order to avoid flooding during the use of the machine. The handle of the hatch may be damaged or it is not closed tightly enough, then at the moment of manual closing the door will not be able to be fixed. But most often it is the UBL that fails. During prolonged use, its plates wear out, and the door stops blocking, due to which the control system receives a message that the hatch is open and the water supply to the tank stops.

Malfunction due to incorrectly connected drain

Malfunction due to incorrectly connected drain

In the event that the drain is connected illiterately, the equipment is not able to get rid of the water from the previous wash and therefore cannot draw a new one. You need to make sure that the connection is correct – the tank should be located below the connection of the outlet pipe with the sewer pipe. An exception is possible only for models of washing machines equipped with a check valve that prevents the waste liquid from returning back. This breakdown is almost always accompanied by a stable hum of the electric motor, which is not able to generate the pressure set by the software. If this is the problem, the drain needs to be reconnected.