Problems with the Maytag washer. Why not turning on?

If for some reason your Maytag brand household appliances do not turn on, you should start by checking the power supply directly to it. It is necessary to make sure that there are no fuses that have blown, as well as tripped automatic type switches. Then you need to clean all the pads that are located under the user interface. Wiring between these elements can also act as a cause of difficulty. Actually, as well as a malfunction of the base board.

Now it’s worth dwelling on the possible causes in detail, as well as understanding what can be done to correct the situation. But it is also important to note the point that always, immediately before performing repair work, it is necessary to disconnect the device from electricity in order to avoid electric shock and minimize the likelihood of injury.

Incoming power supply

Incoming power supply

This is what needs to be checked as part of the troubleshooting. After it has become possible to make sure that electricity is received from the network, you can check the fact that power is being supplied to the unit. The washing machine can traditionally be connected in two ways. It can be connected to a wall socket through which power is supplied, or it can be activated using a home-type electrical outlet.

If we consider the protective function, then the power supply will have a fuse or circuit breaker. If nothing works, it is likely that the machine simply does not receive power. Such a problem is often associated with interruptions in the supply of an electric power resource due to a blown fuse or a circuit breaker tripping automatically. This could happen in the event of a power surge. As an alternative, excessive consumption of the electrical resource can be considered.

If the problem is that the fuse is blown, you just need to replace it. It is a sacrificial device, which means that it will not be difficult to destroy it as part of the protection of the washing machine with an impressive flow of electricity. Once this happens, the fuse will no longer be usable and will need to be replaced. But if there is a switch that has tripped, all you have to do is turn it back on.

If the fuse still blows or the circuit breaker trips more than once, there is an electrical problem in the mains or washing machine. At this step, it is just better to contact a specialist with a high level of qualification in order to fix the problem.

Corroded pads within the user interface

Corroded pads within the user interface

In this case, we are talking about the frontal part, which the user uses to interact with the device. An alternative name for this part is the control panel. It is here that the settings are adjusted by pressing the appropriate buttons. In the interface, the consumer chooses how the device will carry out wash cycles to make the process easier.

There are several reasons why this simply cannot be done. In particular, the interface sends signals to the address of the main control board, a wiring harness is involved in this process. This, in turn, is connected to the lower zone, where part of the printed circuit board and a certain number of contact points are exposed.

Steam from the washing machine can be directly on the open contact areas, over time there is a possibility of corrosion. When this happens, electrical problems can occur that prevent the washing machine from working properly.

You can fix this problem by simply cleaning these corroded contact points:

  • first you need to separate the user interface from the rest of the washing machine in order to disconnect the wiring harness that provides the connection between the interface itself and the control board;
  • Next, the rusty areas are wiped with a napkin that is wetted in medical alcohol;
  • The contact areas should be given 1-2 minutes to fully dry before rejoining.

User interface or control panel

User interface or control panel

This, as already mentioned, is the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe washing machine, which is used in order to be able to control it. The front part is equipped with buttons, they must be pressed to enter the settings “for yourself”.

In practice, there are several reasons why this fails. Of course, the machine is able to receive power, however, the user interface or control panel is the part that creates obstacles for turning on the unit. In such a situation, the panel simply will not light up, and it will be impossible to wash.

The user interface usually stops working for two reasons. For example, due to impressive wear, which is most likely, especially if the system has been in operation for a long time. If we talk about another factor, it is associated with moisture. If it constantly hit the interface, failures and corrosion often occurred. She could also create water droplets on electronic sections, provoking the occurrence of a short circuit.

It is possible to fix the problem. But it’s worth noting that user interfaces that are no longer functional cannot be repaired, so they need to be completely replaced. Here is the basic algorithm of actions that must be followed:

  • remove the compartment for detergents and the top panel;
  • unscrew the screws to release the latches that hold the console in place;
  • remove the interface and replace it;
  • make sure that the buttons are located correctly;
  • connect the wiring harness to the user interface;
  • to provide reinstallation of the console;
  • place a cuvette where detergents are poured or poured.

Wiring between board and interface

As already noted, there is a wiring harness to connect the interface to the board. It plays a crucial role, as it ensures that signals are sent to the board each time as part of the settings. The wiring traditionally signals the control board to turn on the washing machine when the power key is pressed.

This cannot be done for the simple reason that the wiring fails not only due to damage. This can also happen if it is pinched or twisted, which usually happens as a result of a repair. You can correct the situation by acquiring access to this system from the inside of household appliances. To do this, remove the top panel.

Wiring between board and interface

If there is no certainty in the correctness of the actions, you must refer to the user manual or technical sheet to find and determine the wiring. Further algorithm of actions:

  • inspection of each site for damage;
  • replacement if found;
  • checking for curvature or curved areas;
  • alignment.

Particular care must be taken when replacing a panel that has been removed previously.

Remote control system

The printed circuit board contains a lot of electrical and electronics, which allows for the coordination of various components and tasks that are needed to complete the cycle. It interacts with the interface and each time it is used within the framework of turning on the device, a signal is sent to the main board.

Remote control system

There is a risk that the mechanism will fail due to excessive wear, especially if the machine is far from new. In addition, excess moisture also gets on the control board and forms water droplets, which cause short circuits of individual elements. When this does happen, the machine will not turn on at all. You can correct the situation if you replace the main board, which has been damaged. You can do this in the following way:

  • find the assembly within the puck where the board is located;
  • open wire covers to remove electrical connectors;
  • put a new board after connecting all the electrical wiring;
  • close the covers of the wires and put the assembly in its original place, fixing with screws is obligatory.