Proper load distribution in the Samsung washer when the DC code is displayed

Now our houses are equipped with a large number of various appliances. Modern household gadgets are simple and easy to use. However, sometimes unusual situations happen. So, the Samsung washing machine in some cases may give a DC code error. Don’t panic! Fixing this error is easy.

With this code, the system warns the user that the washing machine cannot operate due to a load imbalance. The solution to the problem is to redistribute the load, level the washing machine, or replace the suspension rods.

Let us dwell in detail on the analysis of each method of troubleshooting. We will provide a step-by-step guide to action.

Samsung washer DC code

Load redistribution

The most effective way to solve the problem of issuing a DC error code is to redistribute the weight of the laundry. Loading thick bedding sets, jackets, bedspreads, and other large, heavy items can cause these problems. In addition, very easy things sometimes cause an error.

If you decide to wash some large things, then you should not crumple it and throw it into the washer. Distribute the load evenly around the rotating drum. It is also worth making sure that things do not interfere with the rotation of the drum.

Load redistribution

You should do the same if you are loading several heavy things at the same time. Load balancing helps avoid the DC error code.

If these manipulations did not lead to the desired result, then you can try to remove a few things. Perhaps the engine power is not enough to spin the overloaded drum.

There is also the opposite situation, when the weight of the loaded things is too small. The force of rotation knocks things into a single lump and upsets the load balance. In this case, the washing machine will generate a code error, as the system will fix an uneven load balance. To balance, you can try adding an additional number of things. For example, complete the load with a towel.

Washing machine leveling

If, after redistributing the weight, the device still does not work, then the problem may lie in its uneven location. The sensors responsible for the even position of the washing machine will give a corresponding signal, and the user will see the corresponding error code on the monitor. If you have a leveling tool in your arsenal, use it to determine the position of the washing machine. If not, then you can get by with improvised means. Place a glass of water or a cup with measuring lines on the washing machine. From them you can determine whether the washing machine is level.

You can also try to manually shake the machine manually. If the machine gives in and sways, then there is a high probability of issuing a DC code error. Try leveling the instrument to correct the problem.

What to do for those whose floors around the perimeter are not perfectly even. In this case, the position can be corrected using the alignment pins that the washing machine is equipped with.

Check which way the car is leaning. It is from that side that you need to lengthen the leg by unscrewing it a little. This raises the angle and stabilizes the device. If the alignment pins are turned out as much as possible, then adjust them so that a balance is found.

If the alignment of the washing machine did not bring the desired results, and the error code continues to glow, then you will have to look for other causes of the malfunction. It is necessary to check the internal parts of the device for operability. Here are some examples of the most common failures.

Hanger rod wear

Washing machines manufactured by Samsung are equipped with drum suspension rods. These elements may wear out over time.

Fortunately, replacing these parts will not entail large financial and time costs. Suspension rods can be ordered online. You can also contact the representative of the company or purchase a part from a third-party supplier.

Hanger rod wear

As soon as you find a replacement for the worn part, you can begin to replace it. To do this, you need to follow a number of simple steps.

  1. It is always necessary to start repair work by de-energizing the device. All work is carried out only when the machine is disconnected from the power supply.
  2. Next, you need to unscrew the screws holding the control panel.
  3. Then unfasten the latches with a flathead screwdriver, lift up the cover and fix it in a vertical position.
  4. Now you can move on to replacing the rods. Remove the first element and release the top mount. Do not try to remove all the rods and replace them at the same time.
  5. Remove the rod, and then use a rag or napkin to remove excess lubricant from the surface of nearby parts.
  6. Now you can start preparing new rods. First of all, they must be treated with silicone grease. Pay special attention to the places where the connecting rods come into contact with the fasteners.
  7. Install the end of the rod in the appropriate fixture.
  8. Next, check the quality of the installation. To do this, lift the opposite end of the rod into the top fixture. The rod must be tightly fixed.
  9. Do the same with the remaining rods.
  10. The next step is to install the cover of the washing machine in its original place.
  11. Connect the pair of wire harnesses you removed earlier.
  12. Then you need to mount the control panel. Don’t forget to secure it with two screws. To do this, you will need a Phillips screwdriver.
  13. Reconnect the washing machine to the power supply and test its operation.

The absence of a DC error code will indicate that the repair work was carried out successfully. If the washing machine still issues a code, then most likely it will not be possible to fix the breakdown on your own. You will need the help of a qualified tradesman.

Samsung washer repair

Help from a professional

If all attempts to redistribute the load were unsuccessful, you leveled the washing machine and replaced the suspension rods, then the problem may lie in other elements. Do not try to fix complex technical problems on your own. To save energy, money and time, it is better to contact a professional.

With the appropriate experience and skills, he will quickly find the problem. After all, most often, washing machines give out typical errors.

The best solution to the problem is to contact the Samsung support site. There you can state the essence of the problem in detail and get expert advice.

If your washing machine is still under warranty, you can also contact a service center who should fix the problem for free.

Online consultations on the site are available around the clock.