Pros and cons of washing machine Samsung VRT

To date, the home appliance market has a huge number of brands of household appliances that compete with each other, producing high-quality and progressive models. We are talking, first of all, about microwave ovens, and washing machines.

The main task of manufacturers is to introduce such innovations that not only satisfy the needs of the buyer but also allow the brand to prevail over other firms. A common example is Samsung with the VRT washing machine option.

washing machine Samsung VRT

This item stands for Vibration Reduction Technology. The system is a technology that aims to reduce the level of vibration in the units. The composition includes 36 stainless steel balls, which are used in order to balance the vibrations of the machine in accordance with the sensor, which makes the operation of the system quieter. However, this technique also has disadvantages.

Due to innovative technology, the machine gives a minimum of vibration and noise. As a result, the consumer gets more opportunities to install it in the house and not worry about the sound. In this material, we will talk about just such a technique so that the user can understand what it is. And also common problems faced by owners of washing machines with VRT will be considered.

What is VRT technology?

This is an innovation aimed at suppressing vibrations. It was developed by Samsung for its washing machines. Due to it, systems operating at impressive speeds, for example, as part of rinsing or spinning, are not able to generate vibrations, like models without this option. Washing machines are generally noisy, at least most of them. This is a consequence of the huge design, which includes a drum and a metal body.

For this reason, when using the washing machine, vibration is inevitably generated, which causes excessive noise, especially during the spin cycle. After all, the drum is forced to rotate at high speed, which is measured in revolutions per minute. Technology reduces such vibrations. As already noted, it consists of 36 stainless steel ball bearings that resist the entire mass of rotating laundry.

VRT technology

Thus, when the drum rotates even at impressive speeds, the system ensures that few vibrations are transmitted to the ground or to the atmosphere, which occurs outside the structure itself. As a result, the noise from the operation of the device becomes less.

Reduction of vibration and noise load

The most significant advantage of the washing machine is the reduction of vibration and noise. Since the automatic machines are noisy on their own, having innovations to solve this problem is the best that the manufacturer can offer.

Flexibility in terms of placement and choice of area for washing

Many people try to place their devices as far away from common areas and recreational areas as possible. Some even have to do it in the basement to contain the noise. But what happens if there is VRT and there is not much noise? In practice, the user will have more freedom of choice in terms of the location of the unit. Wherever the washing machine is located, a laundry room is needed at the place of its installation. So many other things need to be considered. But it’s easy to do.

Slow down with strong vibration

Slow down with strong vibration

The system involves the use of a vibration sensor. It detects an excessive load coming from the washing machine. In this case, the washing cycle will slow down or completely stop. As you can see, despite the reduction in vibration at the source, the machine continues to operate at high performance, but is much quieter.

The problem can only arise when the machine is uneven or the load is unbalanced inside. To further reduce vibrations, the wash cycle can be slowed down. This is a frustrating moment if even one load of laundry cannot be completed.

Difficulties in terms of vibration

Even with advanced technology, devices sometimes suffer from vibrations. There may be several reasons for this:

  • uneven position of the puck;
  • presence of foreign objects in the drum;
  • no removal of transportation bolts;
  • Damper, spring, or ball bearing failure.

Uneven placement or on a surface that is not stable

Regardless of the chosen place, its evenness plays an important role. The washing machine will give a lot of vibration and noise if the floor is curved, and sloping. That is why during installation you will have to use the building level. If there is no evenness, you can adjust the legs at the very bottom until the desired result is achieved. You also need to make sure the quality of the floor is decent.

Uneven placement or on a surface that is not stable

Presence of unsuitable objects inside the drum

Sometimes situations arise when the owner simply forgets to clean his pockets before throwing things into the drum. If the sounds are too loud, and there is a suspicion of this very reason, you should immediately stop the cycle and carefully inspect all clothes for coins, keys, and children’s toys. Be sure to examine the inside of the drum to make sure there are no loose objects.

No removal of shipping bolts

Traditionally, front-loading washers usually come with transit bolts that attach to the rear area. They are needed to ensure safe operation during transport. Sometimes the user forgets to unscrew them during installation, which leads to unnecessary vibrations and noise. That’s the reason why washing becomes unpleasant.

No removal of shipping bolts

Damage to the damper, spring, or ball bearing located at the rear

In the technique of the brand in question, shock absorbers, springs and rear ball bearings are used to ensure that the vibration level is almost at zero. If even one component fails, this can cause excessive noise and vibration. Broken parts must be replaced so that the washing is silent.

Difficulties in terms of spinning

In this case, the vibration may be excessive and the load may become heavy or uneven.

Since the machine vibrates, there is a corresponding side effect. A vibration sensor is located inside the system. If he sees an excess of vibration, he can slow down the system to compensate. As a result, the machine may start to rotate slowly or not at all. She does this in order to keep the vibrations within the required range.

Heavy or uneven loading

Modern household appliances are extremely smart, they cannot be compared with those devices that were sold and used before. For example, a washing machine will a priori know about the impossibility and inadmissibility of starting a spin cycle if the drum is rebooted. This is due to the huge amount of clothing or its heavy weight. In this scenario, the machine can be seriously damaged, as a result, it will completely stop working and will be idle.

Heavy or uneven loading

In addition, problematic moments may arise in terms of spinning. Traditionally, they make themselves felt with uneven loading inside. If the clothes are not folded properly, the spin will become uneven. So, the device will rotate very slowly or even stop until the load is leveled inside.

Problems in terms of draining

In general, it is immediately worth noting that the quality of the functioning of the washing machine is determined by several functions at the same time. So, a sufficient amount of water must enter the drum before rotation. And when the wash cycle comes to an end, it releases it into the drain system. That is why the main problem with washing machines is draining water. Basic moments:

  • clogging of the drain hose;
  • clogged drain pump filter.

Each moment requires separate consideration.

Drain hose is clogged. Usually, in washing machines of the brand in question, water is drained by pushing it out of the hose. If this system is clogged for one reason or another, the water will not flow smoothly. The entire length of the drain hose must be checked. This step will make sure there is nothing inside and that the hose is not too bent or kinked. If possible, it will also be necessary to carefully remove the pipe and flush it with a hose. So, it will not be difficult for the user to make sure that there are no obstacles.

Clogged drain hose

Clogged pump filter. Finally, you should definitely remember about such a malfunction. Indeed, in the system itself, somewhere along the way there is a pump filter. It must be found on the Samsung washing machine in order to subsequently remove and clean it. In such a system, even small villi remain, and sometimes there are even large coins, and small socks. Over time, all these items accumulate, which leads to the loss of the machine’s ability to drain water.

Of course, these are far from all significant points, but they are the basis of problems and require special attention. Before calling the wizard, you can try to diagnose the problem yourself and even fix it without any consequences.