Russell hobbs washing machine error code e03

Russell hobbs washing machine error code e03

Most likely, there is a drain filter problem, which is stopping your machine from draining properly. If that is the case, you need to remove the filter and clean it.

In many models, the filter is located behind the kick panel. However, there are machines with filters located at the rear. Please, open the respective panel. There will be a round cover or knob – the filter.

Please, unplug the appliance and use a water receptacle and towels, because some water will pour out!

It is highly advisable to check filters on a regular basis, because foreign objects often get into the motor. Once you remove the filter, you will see the motor and what’s going on around it. Try to turn the motor manually: it should not be stuck. If you see any foreign objects or debris in the motor, remove them immediately.

Check the functioning of the motor. Please, plug the machine back in and run a spin cycle without loading the drum. You should see the motor turn. If it does not, there is a serious motor problem, and it needs to be replaced.