Samsung washer 4c error

Samsung washer 4c error

The error code 4с appears on the display of the washing machine. On the models without a display, the indicators of all washing modes and the lower temperature indicator light up.

The meaning of the error

The water does not come into the machine samsung

The water does not come into the machine.

There are several causes for the error to appear:

  • Water supply tap is shut;
  • There is no cold water in the house or the water pressure is too low;
  • The water hose is bent or squeezed – the machine uses it to take water;
  • Mesh filter is clogged;
  • The water escapes from the machine by itself.

What to do next: Start the washing machine one more time in the same mode and check if there is a sound of the water intake after the machine is started.

You hear the sound of water

If you hear the sound of water filling the machine, but it still displays the error, then:

  • either there is too much laundry in the machine for the selected washing mode,

Information on the maximum load of laundry for each washing mode can be found in the user’s manual in “Operation” or “Instructions for washing clothes” sections.

  • or the laundry loaded into the drum absorbs a lot of water: cushions, blankets, etc.

The machine requires certain amount of water for washing. If things absorb water more than planned, its level will decrease. The sensor will detect it and the machine will display an error.

If there is not much laundry inside and there are no items that absorb a lot of water, then check the water pressure in the filler hose. If the pressure is low, you will see an error. In this case, you should call your plumber.

You do not hear the sound of water

No water enters the washing machine

If the washing starts and you do not hear the sound of water filling the machine and the machine displays an error, then:

  1. Make sure that the water tap is open.
  2. Make sure there is cold water in the house. Open the cold water tap to do this. If there is no water or the pressure is low – call the plumber. The washing machine can not start washing without water.
  3. If the tap is open and the house has water, check the water pressure in the water hose.
  4. If the pressure is normal
    • Remove and clean the water supply mesh filter.
    • Make sure that the drain hose is connected correctly: it must come out of the machine and immediately go down. If the hose is not positioned correctly, the water will drain from the machine and it will display an error.
    • Unplug the machine from the outlet for 15 minutes to reset the control unit.
    • Plug the machine into an outlet and start the same washing mode.
    • If the error does not appear – everything is fine and you can use it. If the error appears again–- contact the support service.
  5. If the pressure is weak

Call a plumber. The washing machine can not start washing with a weak pressure of water.

  1. If there is no pressure
  • Unscrew the other end of the hose from the water pipe, and try to pour water into it.
  • If water passes through the hose, call a plumber to check the water supply tap and the water pipe.

If the water does not pass through the hose then it is clogged. Buy a new hose or wash it with a strong water jet.