Samsung washer error code 1E

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 1E

By displaying the 1E Error code on the display, your Samsung device reports about issues with the pressostat, a component that is responsible for detecting the level of the water in the appliance.

Do not confuse 1E and E1 codes, as they indicate different problems. In the first case, the weak point is the pressostat, in the second case, the problem is with the water supply, so the fixing steps will be completely different.

If your machine does not have a display, the 1E Error is reflected by flashing of all the mode lights and 60 and 40 degrees indicators, as well as the light bulb responsible for the cold water cycle.

What can cause the 1E Error?

In most cases, the 1E or E7 error codes is connected with the failure of the water level sensor, or pressure switch, but there can also be other reasons, such as:

  • a bend in the pressure tube, and possibly a hole in the tube from the pressostat to the tank;
  • failure of the electronic module;
  • malfunction in the wiring connection between the pressostat and the control module, or oxidation of contacts.

How to fix the 1E Error?

Start with rebooting your appliance. It will exclude the control module one-time mal-function and you will be probably lucky not to see the 1E code on the display after giving your machine a 10-15 minutes break.

If the code is still indicated, then the cause of the error is more serious and now you will have to check the pressostat and its connections.

First of all, you need to get access to the water-level sensor by disassembling the machine. Disconnect your device from the mains and detach the filling hosepipe. Take off the back panel of the device, by unscrewing two fixing bolts in its upper right and left corners. You will see the pressure switch in the upper part of your machine.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 1E pressostat

The pressostat or the control board has lost contact.

Check the contacts from the pressostat to the control board. It may happen that some connector on the board or the water level sensor has been damaged or loosened, then it has to be fixed or replaced.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 1E pressostat tube

The pressostat tube has been bent or disconnected.

Thanks to this tube there is a control of a water level in a compartment of the washing machine. So it is necessary for you to check the condition of the tube as it could bend during work and stop the operating of your device. If there is a problem with the tube, you should fix it and insert it back in very carefully.

If the contacts and the tube are in order, examine the pressure switch itself with the multimeter. The numbers indicated by the machine are not close to normal, the pressostat has to be replaced. If it is all fine with it, proceed with inspecting the electrical connections of the sensor with other parts of the machine.

There might also be a serious malfunction of the control unit and in this case, it is recommended to contact a specialist who will be able to provide a serious diagnostic and repair of the electronic module.