Samsung washer error code 2H

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 2H

If your Samsung appliance indicated the 2H code on its display, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as it only means you ave 2 hours left until the end of the washing process.

The 3H and 4H codes have the same meaning, the show 3 and 4 hours remaining to the end of the cycle accordingly.

This type of code usually appears on the control panel during the long washing programs, when you run Cotton or Delicate/Baby modes, but it can also be displayed in other modes when additional options are selected.

Possible concerns about 2H Error

Do not confuse 2H with the error code H2, which means that there are problems in the heating circuit. If an H2 error occurs on the washing panel, the problem must be solved. The 2H, 3H, 4H codes do not indicate an error, but only the washing time. Therefore, there is no need to think at all about how to fix the problem and remove the error – the washing machine performs its functions properly and in a normal way.

What does 2H/3H/4H code mean?

When your Samsung device’s screen shows the 2H code, this indicates the amount of time left to complete the process. It only means that your control board has a two-character display and it can not fit the “120” or higher time indication codes.

The letter H in the code stands for Hour. And the number 2 on the display of the washing machine indicates that there are 2 hours or less (up to 100 minutes) left to complete the process. Therefore, there is no need to reset the error – after a while, the numbers starting with 99 will appear on the screen.