Samsung washer error code 5d or SUD

Samsung washer error code 5d or SUDYou as usually put laundry in a drum, chose a program, run a washer, but after a while found out that your machine suddenly stopped. A display show — 5D, SUD or SD error code.

If you take a look through the hatch, you will notice too much foam in a drum. Probably it flows out from the detergent drawer. However, the foam may not be there. It depends on the kind of malfunction.

How to decipher the error 5d or SUD washer Samsung

Error much foam in the drum of the washing machine

Contemporary Samsung washers are equipped with the function of foam control. If there is too much foam in a drum, the machine turns on the certain mode to reduce it. 5D / SUD / SD error code means that the washer didn’t cope with the problem and went into the standby mode. It waits for the foam to settle.

SUD / 5D / SD error code of Samsung washer: what to do and how to repair the machine by your own?

In most cases, this error of Samsung washing machines has informational purposes. So you don’t need to do anything right now. Just wait for 5 – 10 minutes, as soon as foam settles. After the machine continued washing, you may check the following points:

  • Drain filter may be clogged, which leads to the excessive foam formation. Make it clean. It is located in front of the washing machine in the lower corner behind the opening hatch. To get more information, refer to the instructions for your Samsung model.
  • Do not use the hand-washing powder, which is not intended for automatic washing machines.
  • Do not apply too much washing powder. On average, 5-6 kg of dry laundry requires no more than two tablespoons of powder.
  • Do not wash porous or fluffy things that lead to foam increasing. In the future, trying to wash such materials, use less powder.
  • Try to change the detergent, maybe it’s poor quality or not suitable for your machine.

What to do if washing can’t be completed, there is a lot of foam, and the washer constantly shows the 5D, SUD or SD error code?

In this case, you have to interrupt the process: turn on the drain program or open the washer’s door and remove clothes. Then, clean the drain filter and run the machine without laundry and without detergent for a long wash program at a temperature of at least 60 ° C. It will help you to get rid of the excess detergents that could be the reason of the drain system littering.

If there is no foam but the error still appears, unfortunately, your washer seems to be broken. However, firstly try to clean the machine’s drain filter and start washing at any program without laundry and powder. If SD / SUD / 5D error code is shown on a display again, the help of a specialist is necessary.

Possible malfunctions, which require repair

In the table below you can view the list of faults that may cause the SD / SUD / 5D error of Samsung washer.

Warning signs Possible causes of occurrence Repair or replacement
Samsung washer shows 5D / SUD / SD fault during the washing process. There is NO foam in a drum. Even if you turn on the machine without laundry and powder, the error appears again. The foam sensor is out of order. The foam sensor replacement is required.
Samsung washer shows 5D / SUD / SD fault right away after being turned on or during the washing process. The water level sensor (pressure switch) is broken. In some Samsung washers the device, in addition to its direct function – measuring the amount of water in the machine, has one more option: it controls the foam formation. So the error may appear if the water level sensor has malfunctioned. It is necessary to change the water level sensor (pressure switch).
Washing without powder, the machine drains water quite long, but generally, the process is OK. But in the case of using powder, the SUD, 5D or SD error appears. Drain hose or sewer is particularly clogged. A little hole drains water, but can’t get rid of a big amount of foam. As a result, the error appears (in the case of using powder). Drain hose or sewer must be cleaned.
When starting, during washing or rinsing processes of Samsung washer, the SUD / 5D / SD error code appears on a screen. There is NO foam in a drum. Even if you turn on the machine without laundry and powder, the error appears again. In rare cases, the fault signals about the malfunction of a control unit, the washer’s «brains». If the processor of the control card is intact, it can be repaired. If the processor is burnt out, you need to replace the unit.

Video how to fix error codes 5d or SUD washing machine Samsung