Samsung washer error code 9E1

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code 9E1

If you see the 9E1, UC, 9C or 9E2 Error code on the control panel of your Samsung appliance, it means that some electrical problems have been detected.

The code can be indicated immediately after locking the door, or during the water fills the tank, or in 10-20 mins after the start of the program with heating. Sometimes this code appears on the spin stage, after washing and rinsing.

What can cause the 9E1 Error?

Network voltage check

The 9E1 or UC Error means a power failure, which indicates an incorrect voltage in the network. It is whether much higher than normal (over 286 V) or very low (less than 177 V). Samsung models released after 2013 may be more sensitive and can indicate this error code when the voltage drops below 200V or jumps above 250V.

For the 9E1 code to appear on the display, the abnormal voltage must be detected within one minute. If the voltage surge was momentary, the error will reset itself and the device will continue operating. Otherwise, this encoding indicates either a serious problem with your electrical system (which will affect other appliances in your home) or a malfunction in the washer’s system.

How to fix the 9E1 Error?

To exclude the temporary failure of the control board, switch off the appliance and unplug it from the mains for ten minutes, then restart and see whether the code is still indicated on the display. If so, the explanation is in other factors.

Short-term voltage failure. Wait for a while, you don’t even have to do anything, the error will drop itself as soon
as the voltage recovers. In this case, the washing cycle will continue automatically, you do not need to start the program again.

Instability of mains voltage. Sometimes the cause of incorrect voltage is the unstable operation of the entire power supply. In such cases, a stabilizer can be used to align the voltage to the desired range.

Worn-out electrical wiring. The reason for voltage surges and drops may also be in an old socket. To eliminate this of the error and ensure good power supply, replace the old wiring and sockets.

Replacing the central unit

The explanation for the 9E1 code can also be in the failure of the central unit, which probably has to be replaced. In this case, you’d better contact a specialist, who will be able to carry out the professional diagnostic.