Samsung washer error code DE

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code DE

One of the most common errors indicated on the display of Samsung washers is the DE Error code, which stands for the Door Error. On some models, it can be reflected by Door or DC combinations, or accompanied by a number (1,2). As for the older models and the ones without any display, the same issue is indicated by the simultaneous flashing of all temperature and wash mode lamps.

What can cause the DE Error?

The Door, or Hatch lock error in your Samsung device can be caused by:

  1. The problem in the switch contacts due to the deformation of the door hook.
  2. When a closed-door was opened with force.
  3. During a boiling cycle, when the door is affected by the temperature changes.
  4. The hatch lock connector is not correctly connected.
  5. The locking connector is damaged. This occurs periodically due to damaged electrical insulation.
  6. The control module is faulty.

As you can see it is a pretty big list of explanations for this error, but do not forget about such simple things as the foreign object, which blocks the hatch door from closing or locking, or a simple one-time glitch of the control board.

How to fix the DE Error?

As usual, the first thing you have to do is reboot your device, giving it a 10-15 minutes break. While it switched off and unplugged, check the door, lock, hook, and the cuff for any visible damages. It will probably be very easy to determine the cause of the error.

Check the door lock for any foreign objects that could interfere with closing. They can be threads, small pieces of fabric, or any small things. All foreign objects must be removed (as they can also damage the tank and cause the leak of the appliance), then the hatch has to be closed, and if there you hear a click sound and the Error is not shown on the screen anymore — proceed with washing.

Check all wires and loops of the locking device. Make sure you do it only after the appliance is unplugged. Inspect all the contacts and wires, some of them might be disconnected or burnt out and have to be fixed or replaced. The other has to be cleaned carefully.

If none of the above steps helped in resetting the Error code, the issue is more complicated and you will need to spend some time determining the reason right.

The locking device:

Take out the lock and test it with a multimeter:

  1. Switch on resistance mode.
  2. Set one stylus to the neutral contact and the second to the phase contact.
  3. If the device shows a three-digit number, then everything is fine.
  4. Mount the probes on the neutral contact and the common contact.
  5. If you see 0 or 1 on the device, it means that the lock is defective and needs to be replaced.

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code DE take out the lock

Samsung Washing Machines Error Code DE test lock with multimeter

The control panel:

Repairing a board often requires soldering the contacts, and it is better to trust a professional.

  1. When the control panel has been removed, you should first check the wires and connections.
  2. Then check the first and second-order resistors. The first should show the value of 8 Ohm and overload 2A, the second shows 3-5A.
  3. Inspect the thyristor block, its resistance should not exceed 20V.
  4. Examine the trigger. To do this, check the input contacts, which should not exceed 12 V, and the resistance of the trigger filter should be 20 Ohms.

If the door has slipped, only hinge replacement can help. If the lock itself is damaged, the lock needs to be replaced. Note that each Samsung model may have a different lock pattern, so it is better to take the old one when buying so you can compare them.

Some breakdowns can not be fixed quickly.  But if you have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools, you can fix them yourself.

You don’t have to be an experienced repairman to get your washing machine back to life after the indication of the DE Error code.