Samsung washer error code dE

Samsung washer error code dE

When your Samsung washer shoes the DE Error code on its display, it means that your device is having problems with the hatch door. DE is literally an abbreviation for Door Error, and it can appear in the very beginning of the washing cycle, when you can’t close the door and lock it, or at the end of the process when it’s not possible to unlock it.

On the Samsung models without a display, the same error will be indicated by lighting of all temperature indicators and flashing of all mode indicator bulbs.

What can cause the DE Error?

The damaged lock

Besides the simples explanation — that there is just something stuck and doesn’t let the door close properly — there are some more serious reasons which may lead to the occurrence of the DE code on the control panel of your appliance, such as:

  • Failure of the hatch locking device;
  • The malfunction of the control unit;
  • The damaged lock;
  • Failure in the wiring connections;
  • Worn-out loops of the hatch door.

How to fix the DE Error?

Check all the contacts

After switching off and unplugging your device in order to reset the error, check whether the code is still on the display. If it is — proceeds to the next step and look whether there is any fabric from the laundry load, which prevents the normal closing of the door.

Check all the contacts and connections of the wires that go to the door lock. Some of them might be disconnected or twisted, so fix the ones with so not look right.

If these recommendations did not help and the Door error (Ed, dE, dE1, dE2) still appears on your Samsung washing machine, then you need professional support, as your machine has some serious issues, which require repair or replacement of some elements.

You might need professional help with:

The replacement of the electronic lock.

The repair of the main module. Most often, it has resistors that are responsible for controlling the hatch locking device. Sometimes they can be repaired, in other cases — replaced, but this will help the device operate properly. In rare cases when the module is badly burnt-out or the processor fails, the complete substitution of the module is required.

The fixture or replacement of the door hinge.

The replacement of the damaged wire or the repair of the twisted wire.